My Nexxus Hair Care | Why I Love It So Much

by Claire Chanelle


I am so excited to talk to you about one of my favorite subjects, hair. So many of you have requested hair care recommendations and styling so I hope you find this post and the video here useful.

For those of you that are new to my blog I will fill you in on my hair story. My hair has always been my pride and joy, it still is but we have been through so many dramatic events! Just before my wedding (I know, the worst timing) my hair was damaged. I trusted a new colorist to make me a more subtle tone of blonde. As the weeks went by my hair was turning more patchy and orange. The condition was also rapidly going downhill. Before I had time to fix it, my wedding was a week away! The only option for me was to bleach my entire head of hair in Cannes. This, in addition to the terrible colour, meant my hair was officially in the worst condition. It has been two years since this happened and it’s finally (near enough) back to the condition it should be. The length is still not quite there but I am heading in the right direction.


How Did I Rescue My Hair

My top tips are.

  • Try not to use too much heat on your hair, when you do, use protective products.
  • Try your best to not over colour your hair. Leave plenty of time in between each colour.
  • Avoid blow dries and styling and only do this when it’s essential.
  • Take great pride in the products you are using as this is the essence of getting luscious hair. Look for the right products for your hair and always check the ingredients
  • Use hair masks once a week.

The first three points you can cover yourself right? It will take some willpower but it will be worth it.

The Hair Care I Am Using


For the past four weeks, I have been using the NEXXUS Emergencee range. NEXXUS is a New York brand and the founder, Jheri Redding, is credited with many firsts in the hair care world: pH balanced shampoos, the use of vitamins and minerals, the invention of the modern day conditioner and most importantly, the revolutionary idea of treating hair with protein.

Our hair is made up of 90% protein and each time we wash our hair we lose some of these proteins as a consequence of hair damage. The NEXXUS Emergencee shampoo is packed with protein and marine collagen to revitalize the hair components while the conditioner helps to restore the protective barrier.

The brand’s ethos really  focuses on the science behind the hair and introduces a step-by-step system to revitalise your usual haircare routine:

  • Step 1: Hair repair shampoo (13.5 oz) for damaged hair cleanses for Strength Recovery
  • Enriched with Marine Collagen and Concentrated Elastin Protein
  • Hair repair shampoo recharges hair’s resilience
  • Reconstructs broken protein structure in weakened hair
  • Rich formula replenishes lost nutrients and helps retain natural movement
  • Unlock Strength Recovery with repairing shampoo


  • Step 2: Hair repair conditioner (13.5 oz) for damaged hair restores hair for Strength Recovery
  • Enriched with Marine Collagen and Concentrated Elastin Protein
  • Salon crafted conditioner helps protect weakened hair
  • Reconstructs broken protein structures and recharges hair’s resilience
  • Leaves hair fibers smooth while retaining natural hair movement
  • Lightweight, intense conditioner for damaged hair


I have been using the products for damaged hair but you can choose from ranges targeted at DRY HAIR, FINE HAIR or FRIZZY HAIR.

I recommend investing in the full range: shampoo, conditioner, mask and leave in crème which you can buy here. The leave in crème smells like your dream holiday, it’s sensational and will leave your ends nourished.


My Honest Opinion

Guys I am so excited to have discovered this shampoo and conditioner and I am even more excited to hear your opinion if you try any of my recommendations. I feel so strongly that you will love it as much as me and I cannot wait for us to chat about it.


When I read about NEXXUS (everything I have just told you) I did think “hmmm this sounds great but let me try it.” The description was pretty impressive but I did not want to get my hopes up.

I have never washed my hair as fast as I did the first time I used this shampoo and conditioner. I cannot put into words the feeling of the product, it got me so excited. The only way to describe it is as “bouncy and moussey.” I could tell that the result was going to be good because it felt so light and had a unique bounce to it. If you try these products please let me know if you can come up with a better description. I am certain you will understand when you see it for yourself.

After washing my hair I could immediately see a difference and it’s not often I get to see instant results. What felt different? My hair felt smooth even whilst it was wet. Then, when it was dry, it felt super silky and looked bouncy. The biggest game changer for me which is more important to me than you can imagine, is I can now allow my hair to air dry.


I’ve always liked air drying my hair to minimise the use of heated appliances on my hair but, before, my hair was in too much of a mess to allow any air drying. The dry ends and frizziness meant I had to constantly keep styling with tongs or the dryer to make it look nice again. It felt like I was never going to get my hair back if I could not miss a day without blow drying it. I also used to love having natural waves and boho hair but my hair would end up looking more hobo than boho so I used to have no choice.


Thanks to the NEXXUS Emergencée range, I can now enjoy my natural, wavy hair as well as enjoying my new silky bounce. I have noticed the difference to my hair and EVERYONE around me has too.


Holiday Hair Care


I wanted to take this opportunity to remind you to continue your hair care whilst on holiday. You should actually be paying special attention to your hair whilst on holiday if you are exposed to extreme weather, the sun, sea and pool chemicals. Never rely on hotel products because this could set back all your hard work and effort. Remember to take a hair mask, and apply to prevent hair from drying out. I also recommend the NEXXUS leave in crème. Apply this to your hair tips each day and your hair will be nourished, plus it smells divine.



It means the world to me when you message me and tell me how much you are enjoying using a product or wearing an item I have recommended. Therefore I am super excited to hear what you think of NEXXUS. I hope you notice an instant difference like me and it’s your new shampoo and conditioner for life.

NEXXUS is finally available to us Brits and you can shop the products here. Make sure you watch my YouTube video here. It’s all about the NEXXUS hair care and I also share a hair styling tutorial.



Photos by Moeez Tali

This post contains sponsored content but all views and creative direction are my own.

CC xx

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