by Claire Chanelle

This was my look for the CHANEL Coco Cuba runway show. If you follow me on Snapchat (Iam CHOUQUETTE) and my Instagram here you would have seen the show live.

I knew I wanted to wear something causal and “me”. Being “me” usually means wearing something CHANEL, I think we all know this is true. I completely felt in my element. I wanted to get my hair done to make sure I made this look a little bit special. You know I wear outfits like this daily so I needed to make myself feel a little bit special.

I always pay Tatiana Karelina a visit when I am going somewhere special, she never disappoints, she always does exactly what I want but a little bit better. More importantly she does my hair under ten minutes, I am always rushing and always late. I know I can be in a out the salon within fifteen minutes AND squeeze in a few photos outside. I recommend this salon to everyone I know and everyone always goes to see her and they become addicted. This is the place to go if you need hair extensions (permanent or clip ins) or braids. Click here to visit the website and here to follow on instagram.

Just as I left my house I had an idea to take my CHANEL pearl brooch and weave it into a braid. My imagination then went wild and I thought I would go all out and weave my 90s yellow gold belt into my hair. It was a lot to ask because we had no time and this belt is very long and heavy. Tatiana understood exactly what I wanted and created the braid in her first attempt. I always take her for granted and expect her to do anything, luckily she can! I was so happy with my hair. When I arrived at the Bond Street store, I was complimented on my hair right away.

I know this style has become popular in the salon since we create this look. It really can be styled to suit you. Maybe you would prefer a pearl chain, or a brooch or maybe ribbon? Do not be scared to do something a little different and certainly do not worry what other people think. Take a risk and people will love it, they will love it so much they will no doubt copy. If no one likes then who cares, as long as you like it.

I wore my classic CHANEL jacket (exactly the same one here) with modern denim flares, this is my way of styling a classic CHANEL look in a boyish way. I wore my CHANEL heels and vintage CHANEL bracelet. Paris bought me this when we first got together years ago; it’s such a special piece.

I arrived at the store with my friend Luna, seriously you need to follow her instagram here she is the most fabulous woman I know. Luna and I met earlier on in the day as she had her hair done by Tatiana; she has since become addicted. We then met with Jess. Jessica Diner is a total fab beauty expert and when I say expert, I mean ten years as the VOGUE beauty editor expert. Make sure you follow her instagram here for all the best beauty tips, she is my go to beauty inspo. We met four years ago on a NIKE press trip and been buddies ever since. This was her first night out since being a new mummy. It was so funny to think they she was covered in baby sick and nearly missed the show because she needed her husband to baby sit. I love this contrast of real life and glamour.

We arrived to Champagne and canapés and then made our way to runway. Can you believe that CHANEL transformed the top floor into a show space. We felt like we were transported to Cuba, it was truly amazing. We took a seat and watch the show. I should also ass that “Jesus” was there. Again if you follow my Snapchat you will know the story of the gorgeous man I keep bumping into at CHANEL. If you can’t follow this conversation then too bad you don’t follow my Snapchat and you keep missing the most stunning man, who is called Jesus. He is actual Jesus.

I get so excited for this shows. I think bloggers forget why we are invited. We are there to share the collection not to instagram where we get invited and did we sit frow. I guess some of us are there for different reasons. When it comes to CHANEL I am there to pretty much make my own orders. I love to have the newest pieces and because I am invested in CHANEL as a brand (emotionally and financially) I really enjoy every second of my purchase. I had my eye on the pearl sliders, the pearl bag and the Coco Cuba tee. Undoubtedly one of the above (okay fine all three) will be in my wardrobe as soon as my favourite sales associate finds them for me.

The other reason I get so excited about these shows is because I know my CHANEL addiction has attracted all the other CHANEL addicts in the world, literally out little community is worldwide. I know so many of you rely on me to share the newest collections so you can imagine how excited I am to show you the new collections and latest pieces. You all get just as excited as me and it makes me so happy when you tag me in your new purchases or tell me what you bought. I am so sorry I can not answer all your emails regarding CHANEL. I receive so many emails every single day asking me about CHANEL advice and what to buy. I am sorry I can not reply to most of you but I do try and cover all the answers within my content, I hope that helps.

After the show Jess and I walked over to Nandos. We sat all dressed up in the middle of Nandos discussing the new collection. This to me is how fashion and friendship should be; NORMAL. Anyway we both need to get saving for that new CHANEL bag so Nandos it was. Let’s just hope no from CHANEL reads this article and realises I am not that fabulous CHANEL girl. I think I am safe and they won’t be reading this.

Scroll down to see some runway looks. Can you spot any pieces you like?


Our hair.

The Coco Cuba Collection:








CC xx

Photos by Tatiana 

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Emma January 5, 2017 - 2:32 pm

THIS LOOK IS INCREDIBLE! The jacket, the hair, the bag…..
You have just nailed it! – Luxury Fashion & Beauty blog

Lisa January 7, 2017 - 11:18 am

I just discovered your bio and I am so happy I did.
Your stories are truly hilarious and yes I am slowly becoming addicted to chanel 😀
XOXO lisa


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