Train Insane – Sark Island

by Claire Chanelle


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Two weeks ago I was invited to a secret island with Nike, having no idea where I was going or what would happen. I felt so honoured to be invited on another trip as the previous one was unforgettable, I secretly hoped it would be just as amazing and it was!

We started our journey at the ACE Hotel in Shoreditch, which by the way is defiantly an amazing place to stay if you are visiting London or even just for drinks or dinner. We had dinner in the evening (the Nike team are pros at dinner with a view) where we were introduced to everyone and our teams, as soon as I heard the word teams my competitiveness kicked in. I have no idea why I have this natural erg to compete, it must be down to the athletics and horse riding I done when I was a child. For me it is all about the competing and pushing myself but if I loose it really is no big deal as long as I know I tried my best. So my team was called “Train Insane” the girls in my team were Carly Rowena check out her fitness channel here, Hollie Wakeham check out her beauty channel here, Alex Love check out Fashercise here and Charlotte check out Lunges and Lycra here. The other teams were a collection of bloggers and some lucky competition winners. When we went to our rooms, in true Nike style we all had a full kit laid on our beds. At 5am we made our way to the airport to travel to the secret destination of Sark Island which is apart of the Channels island. I was interested to visit this island because it is somewhere I have never thought of travelling to. From the word go the entire team of about 50 girls were head to toe in Nike and we were walking through the airport like a heard of over grown students on a school trip, on lookers looked very confused.

When we stepped off the boat we were quickly reminded this was a Nike trip and we would be running to our hotel UP HILL and through the forest. This was one of the hardest runs I have every done but equally the most breath taking run I have ever done. I was blown away with how breathtakingly beautiful this island is, no words can describe how stunning everything was. Cars are banned on this island, you can only travel by foot, horse and cart or cycle are you starting to imagine how charming and unique this place is?

I have never been so eager to arrive at a hotel. I was pleasantly surprised by a modern and cute hotel featuring a dream pool and hot tub, I would fully recommend the Stocks 4* hotel and seriously consider going back. After lunch we were greeted by more new kit and headed to the fields for a work out! This work out was my dream work out; a mixture of NTC  with Joslyn (make sure you download this NTC app) followed immediately by a Barrys Bootcamp class with Anya. I was so excited in my new kit and every now and again I kept looking around me and could not believe how lucky I was to be there and training in such a beautiful place. The best thing about this work out were the wireless head phones we all had. It was a great way to listen to music and the trainers at the same time. I pushed myself so hard I regretted eating the goats cheese tart at lunch. It was a great feeling to walk away shaking and knowing I had pushed my body to its limit.

The next day I opened my door to leave and found a box outside my room full of kit for our yoga session. I ran around the corridors knocking on everyones door feeling like a little girl at Christmas at some kind of boarding school. I have never tried the yoga grip shoes so was really eager to see if they made a difference.  At 7am I made my way to the TP tent to start the yoga class with Jess, Jess is literally the best yoga teacher on the planet and I highly recommend her classes at Fat Buddha Yoga, they are good value and she is super hot so it inspires you during the class 😉 You can see from the photos I am not the best yoga student but I really enjoy it and makes me feel strong. The shoes def made a difference and I was not sliding around like I do usually.

After yoga we had breakfast and a presentation with four young British athletes Shona Richards, Perri Sakes Drayton, Laura Weightman and Dina Asher Smith. This was one of my top moments of the trip as athletics are a big part of my family and it was a career I nearly opted for. I was truly inspired by hearing the girls stories how they struggled to success and how nothing gets in the way of their goals. I really believe that the mind of an athlete is a mind we should all strive generic cialis online for; an athlete is hard working, determined, fair and it’s all about relying on no one but yourself to get to where you want to be and not forgetting to surround your self with strong people who believe in you.

After breakfast we headed to our named bikes where we would take part in three challenges. The first challenges was to hike down a steep cliff then hike back up, this may sound simple but it was HARD believe me. When we reached the top we were rewarded with laces that said “Never Ever Quit” as I looked back on the beautiful view I felt proud of my achievement. The next challenge was to pull a cart with my team members and race another team “Fashionistas” yes my team won 🙂 just saying. The third challenge was a challenge I will never ever forget and I still can not believe I done it. We walked in our teams to the edge of a cliff and were all handed helmets, I saw a path way leading to some tress and presumed I would be heading that way. To my horror the man pointed to the cliff and said “ok off you go”. As I entered the top of this cliff I thought and think I did say allowed “this can’t be allowed, its like sea cliff climbing but with no harness.” At one point I freaked out when I looked back and realised it was only me pulling myself up a cliff with a little yellow helmet for protection, the man told me to use my core strength so I dug deep and used all my strength to make it to the top and inside the “Boutique Cave”. Once inside it was an incredible sense of achievement and unforgettable experience.

Each challenge and work out was totally different and we had all the right kit to suit each session. A good bra for me is essential and you can’t beat  the Pro Bra for this, its so good I wear mine with my normal clothes. I love working out in shorts now and could not do another yoga class without the yoga wraps. My favourite trainers to run in are the Lunaglide 6 as they are offer so much support. As silly as it sounds a new kit always makes me eager to go to the gym.

On the evening of our last night we all gathered in the TP in our teams to design our team Nike Airmax alongside a Nike iD designer and we even had help from the athletes. Lets just say our team was very passionate about what we wanted which was all the total opposite taste of one and other! Everyone else had finished their sneakers but we were still no closer to deciding so we put forward what we wanted and left it with the designer Gemma. In the morning our final design was revealed and we were all so happy, it was worth all the debating and the wait. I am beyond excited to receive them and they will forever remind me of my lovely girls and the time on Sark island. I am so obsessed with Nike iD I can sit for hours designing a pair and then save them in my “locker” my latest pair HERE are my favourite and I can’t wait to have a big collection. When I receive my Sark island pair I will write a post just for Nike iDs.

This trip was an unforgettable experience. I came home not only a lot fitter with a lot more kit and some new friends but came away feeling so inspired that life is all about pushing your self and never quitting. As I always say that Nike is not just a brand it is lifestyle and the purpose of this trip was to make us realise that sport can be apart of anyones lifestyle and we can use sport motivation as a way of life. When I feel I can not do anything or want to quit I will look back on this trip. I have always wanted to do a boot camp holiday and finally ticked it off my list. I am also so happy to finally have a pair of Benassi Swoosh Sliders which are always sold out and now my pedicure shoes and new holiday essentials. Sark was the most perfect island for a relaxing destination but also ideal for working out.

Remember earlier I mentioned Carly Rowena the fitness blogger, I wanted to share her Sark Island video so you can see how amazing the trip was. You get to see the trip form another dimension which has inspired me to find the time to create videos and not be so shy. I have a fear of making my own video so for now enjoy Carly’s!

Thank you Nike and Exposure PR for yet again an increuble trip that I learnt so much from and will never forget.










CC xx


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Adele September 23, 2014 - 12:29 pm

This looks like an AMAZING trip, I love sports activities like this. Cool kit too!
Hugs xoxo

Lerato December 2, 2016 - 12:23 am

Wow that looked amazing, I’m really interested in finding out how did you get invited? I’m a full time mom and recently started blogging and also have a Youtube channel (and yes i’m subscribed to yours ) so I’m really trying to put myself on the map by being more social and looking for exciting events to attend. So how do I go about in being invited to these things?

Chouquette December 5, 2016 - 1:20 pm

Hi, I did start my blog nearly five years ago. I think things were different back then as there were not too many bloggers in the UK. I was approached buy brands. I would suggest to work on building consistent, strong content and hopefully the brands will find you. You need to show the brand you are passionate about the products and your style fits their style. I would always blog about what I loved (the same stuff over and over) and then they would usually find me. xx


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