SERIES 1: Wedding Guest, Flamingo Midi Skirt

by Claire Chanelle

chicwish midi skirt DSC_7099 DSC_7173 DSC_7174DSC_7124 DSC_7139 DSC_7156  DSC_7192DSC_7230 DSC_7262DSC_7338 DSC_7289  DSC_7521DSC_7524pink round tow christian louboutin

This skirt needs no introduction or explanation as to why I am wearing it, we all know I love flamingos. I will apologise for confusing you with my style. Midi skirts or anything tight around my waist is not my usual style and although I like pink I do not wear it in a girly way like this. For me this outfit screams ” I’m a girl” and it felt a bit strange so I apologise if this is too girly for you too.

I couldn’t pass up such a fab flamingo print and I also wanted to start talking about outfits you can wear to weddings as a guest. I have been asked by so many of you “what brands/outfits do you suggest to wear to a wedding. So this is series 1 of my wedding blogging which I will publish every Tuesday; how exciting. As you know my wedding is fast approaching (01.08.15) and when the big day has passed I will be sharing all the details form the wedding. Until then I will be blogging about what to wear to a wedding.

Not all wedding’s are formal or traditional and you can by all means wear a two piece like this. I think this is also a nice look to wear for the races, although the unspoken rule is to not bare buy viagra online doctor your shoulders so maybe find a top that covers your shoulder.

This flamingo skirt is from Chicwish, a brand I have featured before here and here. I think Chicwish is a great destination for occasional outfits like this; you pay a great price for an outfit you only need to wear once or twice. The value is great and I have been impressed by all my orders so far. If you have a wedding coming up I would suggest taking a look here not only for the value factor but also because a lot of their products are unique, I have never seen a flamingo skirt like this. Actually I have seen an Alice and Olivia one before but the fabric was more casual, the flamingo print was huge and there was no comparison compared tot his one. The price was also five times more.

The sizing at Chicwish is very accurate and I regrettably ordered a size medium of this skirt which you can probably tell is too big for me round the waist. I have since had two darts inserted and it now fits perfectly fine. As I keep saying; order the size you usually wear.

CHICWISH FLAMINGO SKIRT (Medium but I needed Small)



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