Work Look

by Claire Chanelle

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A few weeks ago I asked you on social media “what would you like to see on my blog?” The most requested outfit post was a work look. Some of you emailed me what kind of work wear you wanted to see, which really helped me because there is obviously different styles of work wear; office wear, formal, informal, maybe some of you can wear jeans and look casual so this made it more specific for me. I love more than anything to get to know my followers because I write this blog for you. Yes I enjoy my blog but there is no point if no one is reading it. I was so surprised to receive emails from German followers and it reminded me I have readers from all over the world. So thank you, it’s really lovely to hear from you 🙂

This outfit was an idea for a work/office look. Believe it or not I worked for a share dealers one summer (hated it) and the dress code was formal. I still kept my outfits colourful and trendy but I also know how you can lack inspiration and that you can’t be bothered some days because you have to get up so early and work late. Being comfortable is so important for me which is why I chose this loose fitting dress but at the same time it doesn’t look like a sack. I initially chose this dress because I have this rule that if I see a nice dress I buy it and put it away. This way when I need a dress for a special occasion I have some options and do not need to rush and find one. I was lacking a formal dress for family/formal occasions.

This dress is really similar to a Valentino one I loved that Sandro brought out last season. I loved the Sandro version but even that was a bit pricey. This dress was £50, such a bargain for such a pretty and practical dress. I paired it with a leather, fringed, navy jacket to match the navy dress and to show you you don’t have to wear a typical office blazer. The leather jacket adds a trendy edgy look and great for throwing on if you want to go out after work. I showed you how it looks with flats and heels so you can take or leave the heels.

My leatehr jacket is one of my total faves. I bought it last year from the Topshop Kate Moss collection. There is now an exact copy for £100 less than what I paid at a bargain £30 and they are even showing Kate Moss wearing her’s. Click here to buy, it’s a fab jacket at a fab price.

If there is anything else you would like see on my blog just leave a comment below and I will make sure I cover your requests.







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