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If you follow me on Instagram (@IAMCHOUQUETTE) you will have noticed that a few weeks ago I had the chance to visit Munich with System Professional. I am certain a majority of you have seen this iconic hair brand in professional salons and so many of you have probably used the products yourselves? Since 1974 Wella scientists have been focusing on ultra-light formulas that do not overload the hair. For those of you that are not familiar with the brand or you simply wish to know more, be sure to read on for some valuable information about the future of hair revitalising and “Energy Coding”.

Not only did try out all the new products, I got to interview the experts that spent ten years creating the formulas. I also met the glorious Delevingne sisters Poppy and Chloe, who are the ambassadors of this campaign. We had the funniest interview, so make sure you do not skip the ending! (spoiler alert!) I can tell you what their favourite products are from the new hair range, who sculpts their envious ‘brows, and their best life hacks!

We started the trip with a dinner in the Bavarian city, here we had the chance to meet the entire team, other influencers and journalists.

The following morning we left at 8am for a one hour drive to the most incredible hotel “The Lanserhof.” This hotel and location felt like a futuristic movie set to me; everything was immaculate and there were even robotic lawnmowers (!). This retreat was the perfect location, with a harmonious mixture of health and wellbeing, and the latest spa technologies.

Due to my obsession with hair (mine and everyone else’s) I was too excited to learn about the newly acclaimed hair technology and to test it out myself. We all wish for long luscious hair but for me it’s a must. Two years ago before my wedding, my hair colourist at the time ruined my hair by over colouring it, which lead me to bleach my entire head of hair two days before my wedding (a very nail biting and risky moment!). To say I was traumatised is an understatement. The condition of my hair has never been the same since.

I wanted to write an in-depth and candid review of System Professional’s new hair collection for all of you that are really interested in the best products on the market and what this brand can offer. For those of you that just want to know the key points, scroll down to see the bullet points below.


No two people share the same fingerprint and no two people have the same hair; your hair map is just as unique as your finger print. System Professional wanted to unlock the coding to each and every one of you to discover your hair identity. How exciting!

This is simplest way to explain this to you….

When I go to buy Shampoo and Conditioner I am confronted with the same dilemma. Do I buy Shampoo for damaged, dry, coloured hair or should I opt for extra volume? I literally buy whatever I feel my hair needs that day. I ask myself all the time “why can I not buy a shampoo and conditioner that combines all of my hair needs?” Well, my prayers have been answered! System Professional have released a range of hair products that offer all our requirements at the same time. Technology is not advanced enough quite yet to offer everything in one bottle but we can buy the same line offering different needs that match our exact hair Energy Code.


My code is ” X1S + R2 + R3 +L4 + 4L +L5C”






I discovered my code by answering some simple questions with a System Professional hair stylist. You can get yours by visiting the website here or visiting your nearest System Professional salon. Once you have your code, you can buy the products exactly intended for your hair. I would recommend going into the salon as the consultation is more thorough with the microscopic tools they use.

I was luckily enough to test out the treatments there and then and discover my energy code right away. I wanted light formulas to give me volume, tackle any unwanted brassy tones, smooth the damaged ends and restore the dryness. Now when I wash my hair at home I have all of this in one wash.

The reason I did not write about this trip as soon as I got home was because I wanted to try these products for two weeks. I wanted to see if my hair improved and if I honestly would buy this product myself. It’s fine to like the product but over time I may decide it’s not exactly right for me. I think the scientific factor behind this brand and the new products are amazing and exciting, but it was so important for me to give it a proper test drive.

After Using The Products For Two Weeks, What Do I Think?

The more I wash my hair the more I love this range. The first most drastic result I have seen has been the volume. I can feel that the products are really light weight, especially the LUXE OIL I have been using to smooth and reconstruct my hair. The other factor I love is the restoration of my blonde tones. If you are looking for a purple shampoo to use on a regular basis, this is the best one I have used for a day-to-day wash. The reason it is so good is because I feel like it isn’t drying and I can see it’s the perfect strength. Some purple shampoos (I have tried them all) are too strong and make my hair grey. I love this look but not for everyday because it strips my hair too much. This shampoo is the best to use if you want to avoid warm, orange tones for your blonde locks.

The LUXE OIL is a must for smoothness. Even if you have fine hair this product is perfect because it’s so light weight.

The one product that really interested me, which is also Poppy’s favourite, is the CREAM ELIXIR. I have never felt a product like this before, it is super smooth and light as a feather. When I applied it to my hair it felt so silky, and I only needed the smallest amount to spread across my whole head. How can a product be this smooth and still be great for my hair? I decided to challenge the scientist in our one-on-one interview and ask them what makes it so smooth and if there were any chemical additions. I was worried it was a coated chemical that would sit on my hair and make it feel greasy by the end of the day. The reply was for me the most interesting part of the trip and what had me sold! We discussed this for twenty minutes- it was fascinating to me. The haircare expert carefully explained that yes this product does have the smallest amount of silicone but they have spent the past ten years researching the good and bad silicones. I see it like the good and bad fats in our food diet. I felt like I needed to touch on this because it was a question I wanted answered and I did see so many of your DM’s whilst I was in Munich asking me the same question. To conclude, the smoothness you can feel in the products are not packed full of “bad” chemicals, but just a perfect balance of what is good for your hair. It’s important you research what it inside the products you are using, and boy did I do that !

After using my products for two weeks, I can certainly say that I have seen an great improvement in the condition of my hair and the manageability when styling. The oils and my hair mask are my absolute favourite!

I have faith in what I am using on my hair because I spent two days not only with the brand (who patiently answered my unwavering stream of questions throughout the whole trip), but also with the top Parisian hair stylist Christophe Nicholas Biot who uses System Professional in his Saint Germain salon, and the two scientists behind this pioneering technology. If that doesn’t give you enough confidence to try it out, just look at Poppy and Chloe Delevingne’s luscious locks for some inspiration.


Click here to find out your energy code or book a consultation and click here to shop the products.



It was the biggest pleasure to sit down and interview these ladies. It turned into a girly chat, with Paris joining in of course. I have picked out my SIX top questions to share with you.

  • What product do you love the most in the range? Poppy: I love the CREAM ELIXIR , it is a miracle worker and smells divine. Chloe: I love everything!
  • What life lesson can you share with me in work and in your personal life?  Poppy: In work my advice is to simply go for it, whatever it is go for it. In life just be kind. Chloe: Manners. I think basic manners go a long way and it’s so important.
  • Who does your brows?! Poppy and Chloe together: I do them?! 
  • Tell me something I do not know about you that would take me by surprise? Poppy: I HATE buttons. Any kind of buttons, especially your ones [as she points to Paris’ shirt]. I have no buttons in my wardrobe. Chloe; I don’t like sharing my food.

*Both girls go on to share personal stories in depth from the other day, right through to their childhood.*

  • Do you both wear GRANNY KNICKERS?? After a moment of shock (but this questions is so me right?) they both burst into laughter and say “Hell YES!” Chloe shared that she had hers on now and we then chatted about how much we love them and particularly those ‘comfy, off colour, man-repelling Bridget Jones’ panties that you have worn so much but can’t bring yourself to throw out.

As you can see from just the six questions above, these ladies were hilarious and an absolute dream to interview. I love how they bounce off each other, and have such individual personalities. Poppy is the international supermodel, with so much charisma and wit, and Chloe is the gorgeous mum of two, who in her spare time focuses on philanthropy through advocating ovarian Cancer awareness. And reminds us that pampering and good hair isn’t just for celebrities.

I hope you enjoyed the questions. Be sure to watch my vlog from the trip here.

Thank you System Professional for introducing me to hair products I feel I cannot live without and allowing me to share this with my readers.

This post contains sponsored content but all creative direction and opinions are my own.

Photos by @iamparisface 

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Ewa Macherowska August 2, 2017 - 2:27 pm Reply
Elena Jackson August 3, 2017 - 4:41 pm

Nice post! Very interesting, I love the outfit and the interview with the Poppy sisters! I will definitely take into account these amazing products!

Paulynagore August 5, 2017 - 10:37 pm

Oh it could save my hair! I’m using natural products like John Master Organics and Mulato for my blonde but i don’t know why, the result is far from being good :-/ System Professional seems to be THE dream for tired hair! I’ll maybe give them a try 🙂 Thanks for this article!

Esther August 9, 2017 - 3:47 pm

That sounds very interesting. Thank you for sharing your experiences.
I will give it a try. 🙂
Have a fabulous week.

Love, Esther

alex dainel August 11, 2017 - 12:21 pm

Such a nice pictures dear..


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