SERIES 4: Victoria Secret Bridal – ANGEL SUITE

by Claire Chanelle

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This is definitely nothing like my usual posst but because my wedding is fast approaching I wanted to share as much as possible so it might help any future bride to be’s organise their wedding in the near future.

I adore Victoria Secret and I knew I wanted a few special pieces for my wedding. I did not buy all my wedding lingerie from VS because it’s quite pricey and I needed/wanted quite a few things. I will share with you in my next article where I bought a majority of my bridal lingerie but for now let’s talk about the ANGEL SUITE.

When I shop at VS I feel quite over whelmed: there is so much choice and it is important to try underwear on as all styles fit differently and you can not be wearing an ill fitted bra. Often enough I end up walking out with nothing because I do not know what to choose and don’t want to try anything on.

It was only recently I discovered the “Angel Suite” sounds heavenly doesn’t it? What is the Angel Suite….. the suite is located on the top floor of the London Bond St store. Anyone can book an appointment and there is no minimum spend however I would suggest that you book this appointment with the intention to buy as this is kind of the unwritten rule if you are receiving the great service and private space. I think you should spend at least a little amount.

I visited the Angel Suite with my mum. We were greeted with Champagne on arrival by our lovely personal shopper Ines. We discussed what I was looking for, what I loved and disliked, then Ines measured me and we went to the shop floor together to choose some pieces. The service was very personal from start to finish and the whole experience was not only fun and a special afternoon with my mum as it was so effortless. I didn’t have to search for any sizes and Ines recommended two pieces I would never think of wearing but I ended up loving them and choosing them both in my final selection.

The Angel Suite has three spacious fitting rooms which are covered in red velvet embossed wallpaper and each come with their own white marble ensuite. There is also a lounge space (with the best sofa I have ever sat on) which has a clothing rail of the latest collections, VS books, VS beauty products and the walls are covered in photos of the VS models. The room is romantic and the whole experience makes you feel special and kind of like a VS girl for an hour or two.

The first piece I chose to try on was the Bride robe as every bride needs a robe to get ready in. I then chose some corset’s because I wanted some special pieces to wear on my mini moon. I also chose some practical and wearable pieces that I could wear under clothes but still feel sexy. One of my favourite pieces are the “cheeky bikini” knickers, it’s a simple choice but they truly are the best knickers; comfy but sexy and they come in every colour and fabric imaginable. 

I chose a black lace one piece (Ines’s choice) that was too sexy to share, sorry guys and blue lace cami two piece set that is laying on the table. The rest I will leave to your imagination!

Thank you Victoria Secret for having me and making my bridal lingerie shopping a special and effortless experience.

I would also like to thank the talented Emma Hill for the beautiful photos. The editing is perfection and our friendship has reached a whole new level 😉

Lastly I would like to Thank Vinton at Harrods for my lovely make up.

This time next week will be my big day and I will be a MRS! Follow me on Snapchat for behind the scenes videos.



PHOTS by Fashion Photographer EMMA HILL










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irena July 25, 2015 - 4:41 pm

Stunning pictures!! you look like one of VS Angels:)
I’m getting married in April and I’m very exited to purchase something form the collection and of course famous “Bride” gown


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