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Chouquette System ProfessionalChouquette System ProfessionalChouquette System ProfessionalChouquette System ProfessionalChouquette System ProfessionalChouquette System ProfessionalChouquette System ProfessionalChouquette System ProfessionalChouquette System ProfessionalChouquette System ProfessionalChouquette System ProfessionalChouquette System ProfessionalChouquette System ProfessionalChouquette System Professional

Talking about hair is one of my favourite subjects when it comes to beauty. I really enjoy styling my own hair and spend a lot of time researching good products and methods. Recently I filmed a video discussing how I prepare my hair before I blow dry it, what product I use to create volume and smoothness and I also showed you how I revamp three-day-old hair. If you haven’t seen the video click here.

After I filmed the video I filmed some stories on my Instagram. I was blown away by how many of you noticed the improvements. So many of you said things like “what have you done differently to your hair” “I can see you’ve changed something” “what new products are you using?” It was so amazing that you noticed, I am excited to share with you in detail what I have been using on my hair and share with you how important hair prep is. To start let’s talk about how important it is to maintain your hair. You maintain your skin right? Well, it is just as important to do this with your hair. Use conditioning treatments, use the right product for your hair, use protectors, keep it hydrated and never forget to use what you can to bring the best out in your hair; just like makeup. SYSTEM PROFESSIONAL has introduced a new range inspired by skin care. The line includes BB (Beautiful Base), CC (Creative Care), and DD (Dynamic Definition), products. They understand the importance of hair preparation and encourage us to treat our hair like our skin. The most exciting element is the SYSTEM PROFESSIONAL EnergyCode. You can read about this in detail here, I have written all about this before last summer. In simple terms you can discover your own personalised EnergyCode here, it’s free and life-changing. EnergyCodes are tailored to each person and constitute of individual hair products based on diagnosis technology. It will allow you to know the exact products you need from each collection. Basically, this means you no longer have to buy a shampoo and conditioner for “frizzy” hair you can mix and match. Find out your EnergyCode, then go ahead and pick your products. The range consists of thirteen products. I was lucky enough to meet System Professional’s Creative Artist, Bruce Masefield. Bruce helped create the collection and I took part in a one on one styling session. He taught me exactly how to use the products and told me all about his favourite product which I will get to later. When I met him I put him to the test. I wanted to find out how I could revamp three-day-old hair and which products would help me achieve this. On average I find myself needing to fancy up my scruffy hair, I think most of us do that right?  He did such a good job! The best part is that my hair felt the same but when I looked in the mirror it looked really “done”. The BEST thing about this range is how light it feels. The products allow us to achieve results but without that feeling of so much product. I hate the feeling of product in my hair so this is very impressive and very exciting. You will be blown away when you use every single product and realise you can not feel a thing. Bruce Masefield’s favourite product: THE BLUE SHAPER; Bruce loves the Blue Shaper. He explained that he uses this for every client and never blow dries hair without it. He loves how light it is and how it allows to “shape” the hair. The consistency feels strange as a gel but it works so well. I have to agree with using it myself I could not agree more. It will be a go-to protection for you. You only need to use a small amount. For the unique factor, Blue Shaper is one of my favourites. I do not have something similar in my regime. My favourite product(s): The DRY CONDITIONER is like magic dust. It is actually like conditioning dust. Ever so light on the hair but brings your hair to life. Quick and easy but makes a huge impact. Feels like I have not got a single product on my hair and so amazing for on the go. Also works super well on scruffy, natural hair. Most definitely recommend this one. The DRY SHAMPOO. Okay, we all know and love dry shampoo but this one is a game changer. Again super lightweight which is my favourite thing about the entire range. There is zero white residue. This is common for dry shampoo and I dislike that. If you are brunette this is a really important factor. It smells great too. SOFT ENDS is so fab! I have brittle frizzy and broken ends. I need a product like this to smooth them down. I have tried a fair few conditioning products but it’s hard to find a lightweight and/or non-sticky consistency. I use this every day. The soft touch is also great to wear alongside this to achieve really shiny hair. Finally, another top favourite is the HAIRSPRAY.  I really love how light it feels. It feels very dry, the hold is great but when I run the brush through my hair immediately after it feels smooth. The best part is the smell, the lack of it! It does not have that harsh strong smell which is important to me.

I use all of the range and I can use every single product at once if I want to. No matter how much I build up the product it still feels light and natural. Some days I will just use the mouse to achieve a natural wave with bounce. I always use the dry conditioner and soft ends, I can’t live without those two. Don’t forget to watch the styling video here.

You can shop the full range here and do not forget to create your very own EnergyCode. 








CC xx

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