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Disclaimer: This post was in partnership with Topps Tiles & Warmup. This article included gifting from Topps Tiles and Warmup. All views and creative direction are my own. Affiliate links are used in this post


Welcome to an updated entrance and dining room post. This room is a big space and a focal point of our home, we have taken our time with this space and are not fully there. So far, we are happy with the direction it is going in. We have still so many changes to come but I am going to explain our plans. We may even be extending the back of the house which would mean knocking down the orangery! I will explain everything, all the problems we encountered and things we learnt along the way.


When we moved into this house, the hallway had Bath slab tiles. We loved the clean and white feel the tiles added, that was our reason behind sticking will tiles. We have original oak flooring throughout the house, including two bathrooms. We do have two marble bathrooms which you can see here and here. You can also watch the hallway video here We basically like the break from wooden floors for this space. If you are worried about the lack of warmth and the cleaning, do not worry, I will get to that. Please click here if you would like to see the exact tiles we have.


To be going on with we painted the Bath tiles from magnolia to white. I know people will hate the idea but the white looked great and I dislike magnolia. We knew the tiles were going, therefore, we were happy to paint them for now.



We wanted porcelain tiles for durability and practicality. We also loved these exact tiles from TOPPS TILES  We loved the oversized tiles and natural grain. It complements our marble table well. We have since realised that the overall look appears cold, too much white, grey and cold tones. Later on, I will explain my plan to fix this.

Everything Happens for A Reason – Do not worry if building works go wrong. It is bound to happen and sometimes it works out well.


When we chose these porcelain tiles, we had no intention of laying underfloor heating. The previous owner had underfloor heating, but it was broken, therefore we never used it. It just did not cross our minds and we did not think it was worth the extra expense, especially since the current underfloor heating had broken.


However, this all changed.


We encountered a really big problem when pulling up the previous tiles. It really set us back and felt stressful. It was not anyone’s fault; the tiles were just so thick before that we did not realise the floor would need to be raised. We did not realise how expensive this was either. It felt horrible at the time, but I am beyond grateful for this setback. We discovered TOPPS TILES  sold underfloor heating and we discovered the heat pads. I had personally never heard of the floor heat pads. It is the modern, updated way to introduce underfloor heating, it seemed more reliable and the pads gave us the exact height we needed to level the floor. The price of underfloor heating was practically the same price as laying screed. Of course, we  preferred to have underfloor heating for the same price. The underfloor heat pads are by WARMUP. Paris is known for his lack of DIY skills; he honestly cannot even hang a mirror! Paris and my cousin laid the underfloor heating all by themselves, it is so easy and tidy. We also have a remote system to set a timer and we have the app to set the timer when we are out. We can turn it on, ready for when we are home.



Now we have the tiles (we have had them for nearly a year now) I am so grateful for the hiccup which forced us to get the underfloor WARMUP system. In the winter it is the nicest feeling and makes a cold (looking) space feel warm and cosy. I love the mix of cool aesthetics but the feeling of cosiness. The dogs also love it!

If you are thinking of laying tiles in your house, I recommend including the WARMUP heat pad systems, tiles can feel cold and for me is a must now.



How I keep my tiles clean – This is not a professional cleaning guide and not a recommendation from TOPPS TILES. This is how I clean them.


At first, I found these tiles really easy to clean because the Bath tiles were very difficult due to the different levels. However, after time I realised, it was taking a long time to clean them. I was on my hand and knees polishing them. Once they were clean, the floor looked flawless and it was very satisfying. The porcelain is not porous and can be easily wiped. If we walk in the hallway with muddy shoes, it is so easy to wipe clean.



I recently bought a steam cleaner, it was one from the lower price points and I am really happy with it, you can buy one here. I might test out another one soon, so stay tuned for a steamer update 🙂 My sister Stevie loved my hallway tiles so much she bought them for her new house. She bought the streamer right away and convinced me to get one. She was right, it is so quick and easy to clean with the steamer! It now takes me no time at all, and I only do it once a week. It does tend to leave excess, I just wipe that away with a cloth. If I am doing a thorough clean, I will polish the tiles with window cleaner.

I use cleaning wipes, kitchen towels or window cleaner if I am doing a clean on the go for one area.



Once I worked out how to clean the tiles efficiently, I was even happier with them. I think it really opens up the space and makes it looks even bigger. My sister’s house is smaller, and it also looks so fab in a small space.


By the way, we chose grey grout to complement the grey veins. TOPPS TILES advised us to do this and it was certainly the right choice. It is also easier to keep clean.




Future Plans and Changes.


As I mentioned earlier, the cold aesthetics of the marble floor, marble table, grey chairs and grey cabinets had resulted in a very cold tone. I personally like this as a base tone. By base tone, I mean that the solid fixtures and fittings (floor, walls and table) are neutral and I can introduce a visiting colour at any time. I could add a rug and cushions to complement with new textures and colours. If I get bored with those colours, I can replace them at any time with no extra high end costs. I always get bored of anything statement, therefore I stick to neutrals and play with accent colours.


My plans:


I have been playing around with various rugs. So far, I haven’t found the right one. I currently have this one here as it is the only rug Bambi doesn’t do the nighties on! I feel the textures clash, but it will be great for my London flat or my new master bedroom. Yes, we are re doing our master bedroom! I will keep you updated on both these things.


I am removing the grey chaise longue under the stairs. This was never meant to stay there. It is eight years old and used to be at my old house. We simply left it in the hall way but love having a seating area under the stairs. I am on the hunt for a warm colour seating stool or chaise longue but needs to be facing the other way. I would love to block this area off and make a coat wardrobe, we really need a coat wardrobe. I just can’t bring myself to close off the open space. What do you think?


I have found a beautiful print that will go in this space, probably under the stairs. The security fixture is in the wrong place! I never gave permission for that to be there tut tut. It now must be moved, and my print will go there. The print is the most beautiful image I have ever seen, it is full of colour and has a strong message. I am so excited to share it with you. I am actually giving one away to one of you! Stay tuned, I will be sharing that on my YouTube channel here.


The mini footstool was meant to be for….. I have not decided I just love it. It was from Homesense but you can buy one similar here. Again I left it in the hallway and it stayed there. I love it next to the entrance arm chairs. It is practical to place my bag when I take off my shoes. It adds some colour and texture.


The mirrors will be changed. The heart one will go to my flat or upstairs and my floor standing Venetian mirror will be placed next to the cabinet. The silver floor length mirror will go upstairs and I will paint it white, beige or baby blue. I haven’t decided but I know I am painting it.


The stairs will be carpeted with a mink colour carpet. This will warm up the space and finally Tallulah will be able to walk up the stairs!



Should I wood panel the walls?


I would like to hear your opinion on this. I wanted to wood panel them, but my carpenter keeps telling me not to. What do you think? I think I will paint the walls grey too.


  1. Leave white and no panels.


  1. Grey with wood panels.


  1. Grey and no panels?


  1. White and no panels?


I would love to know your opinion.



I hope you found this article helpful and inspiring. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask me. I would really like to know your thoughts on future plans. Do not forget I am giving away a beautiful portrait on my YouTube channel next week, make sure you are subscribed!




CC xx









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Lisa Autumn April 20, 2019 - 8:06 pm

Dreaming of having marble tiles one day! Your home is gorgeous 🙂

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