by Claire Chanelle

I am so excited to share my walk in wardrobe with you. For those of you that have not seen my wardrobe video tour on YouTube, please click here

I spent over a year researching a fitted wardrobe company and all the options. My main criteria were: fitted for clean lines and maximising the space, a company who could execute all my ideas, good quality but not a super expensive price. I did not explore solid wood options (and this high end price point) as I am unsure if this room will be my forever wardrobe room or even forever house. With that said, I am so happy with the result, it worked out so well as I would choose this company again if I moved house. The last factor to consider was good service. It is important to work with a company which offers good service as you need to communicate over a few weeks. I wanted to share this point as I did contact many companies and not everyone offered good service when I simply enquired for a consultation and prices. I decided to book my wardrobes with MY FITTED BEDROOM. The service was great, the consultation was free, went smoothly and they said they could cover all my ideas. 

My top tip for a walk in wardrobe or any fitted cabinets, is to live in the space first. This can be a matter of weeks, you do not need to be super slow like me! This allows you to live with the configuration and see what works for you. I changed my setup around four, maybe five times until I figured out which layout worked best for me. I chose the simple door design as I wanted a matte finish and also this design allowed me to potentially customise the doors in the future. Something I plan on doing. You can check out their other designs here and all their colours here. I really loved the shaker design but as I mentioned previously; I wanted the option to customise my doors. I personally wanted all white finish. I love a rich wood design but this was not the look I was going for and not the price point I was considering for this room. To be honest I have always been happy with my Ikea wardrobes, I just wanted them fitted and better quality and that is exactly what I got. The door and cabinets are a lot better quality, more than double the thickness. Each cabinet is fixed to the wall and ceiling so it appears more seamless. I, of course, had everything bespoke made and made to measure. Not to mention the most amazing idea that is so incredible!

MY FITTED BEDROOM offer different options for the door knobs. I decided to buy my own as I was looking for seashells, a very particular theme and they were fine with me not choosing their door knobs. Another idea I had was to attach hooks between the bag shelves. I find these hooks so useful and use them every single day. They kindly fitted the knobs I bought too. 

The best part about my wardrobe is the island unit! MY FITTED BEDROOM executed this idea so well, I could not be happier. I wanted an island unit and I wanted one that could fit lots of storage in. However, this would have not worked in terms of filming and photos which is very important for me. I needed an island unit that could move around. This way when I needed I could place the unit in the other end of the room, leaving me space to shoot photos and film my style hauls. Regardless of needing space for filming, this idea is fabulous for anyone. It leaves you with options and just works so well. Our flooring is solid oak. My island is heavy and it is easy to push around but heavy enough to stay in one place. My floor is also not damaged so I am thrilled with this idea. The wheels are hidden and you cannot even see that it moves. This could work super well for a kitchen island unit. 

Every design idea was carried out perfectly, every inch of the room was utilised and I love the custom ideas that allowed me to have exactly what I wanted. The customer service was great, the prices are very reasonable and they explore any ideas you have. We were so happy with my walk in wardrobe that we also had our master bedroom fitted. My next project is not for a wardrobe, I was thinking of fitting some cabinets in some useless space we have upstairs. 
If you would like to know more regarding MY FITTED BEDROOM, you can view their website here. They also cover kitchens too. 

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