No Bra No Run

by Claire Chanelle

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How your bra SHOULD NOT look and fit.

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How your bra SHOULD look and fit.

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Image 31My second day in Paris with NIKE started with a 7am swim in the Molitor Hotel outdoor pool in the rain. This day was all about the bra, the most important garment for any girls work out; no bra no run. I was looking forward to this day because I always feel like am wearing the wrong bra and apparently 80% of women are wearing the wrong one! I wear the NIKE Pro Classic either in a small which is too tight or I double up two mediums for the support – OK so this is wrong and do not try this at home, also don’t worry because I have a solution. This review is rather long but for me the bra is so so important for your work out and your boobies so its important you know what sports bra to pick and for those of you that want to know what goes into the design aspect I have covered every small detail.

Nike will now be offering bra fittings in store at NIKE Town and also on line with a new system that is easy to use and calculates your size, stay tuned for a new app too. We used the same method that you would do at home, mine calculated to a 32D which is my usual size (unfortunately.) I wanted to try a 32C so you can see how not to wear your bra and then show you how it should fit and look. The cup sizes start at a 30B cup, the design team decided an A cup does not need this support and A cup can opt for one of the other styles that all have cup insertions now. The best part is this ranges to an 38E cup that does fit a F cup because one of the girls was actually an F but it fitted her perfectly.

The Rival bra has been two years in the making. Listening to one of the head designers it is apparent NIKE are “Innovation obsessed” just listening to the tests and trials (working with Loughborough  University) they put in place for this bra is incredible. To get a feel for the Rival bra we took part in a work out with a trainer that I swear was a machine and not human, my abs ached for four days! We followed a NTC app workout which I recommend you download for a free on the go personal trainer. I was truly blown away with this bra I really thought the colour ways were just new and did not realise how amazing it was until I tried it. The bra feels super soft and shaped my boobs like no other bra I have tried before so for me I would totally wear this everyday because of the comfort and shape it gave me. This day made me realise NIKE can not be beaten and are leading the way in enotive design. If you are going to buy anything for the gym this is a must and I promise you you will be so pleased with the fit. It is ideal for girls like me who need the support but it’s also great for girls of a smaller size that want more! If that does not convince you then just simply have a glimpse at Karlie Kloss looking like a angel form the heavens working out in the new collection 😉

There are four bras:

Rival – High Intensity

The new kid on the block inspired by lingerie construction employing lingerie and sport appropriate materials for a fusion of luxury and function. Tightly knit nylon fabric offers strength and flexibility while the compression fit achieves the highest level of support in the collection the bra is available in 25 sizes helping athletes find a more precise fit.

Pro Indy – Light Intensity Lighter Support 

Perfect for those who need lighter support. The NIKE Pro Indy bra features adjustable elastic straps to help provide the right fit. With removal pads for shaping, modesty and support this design features stretch power mesh for ventilation, with a race back design for further support. Idea for stretching and light classes such as yoga. PS this one gives amazing cleavage. Buy HERE

Pro Classic – Medium Intensity

An evolution of the ever popular NIKE Pro via, the new deeper cut race back designer provides increased support, while the super soft chest band made from brushed fabric friction. Ideal for medium support: Gym class, bike riding etc

Pro Fierce – Part – Molded For Smaller Breasts

Ideal for those who need medium to high support, this bra shows of NIKES wealth of athletic research in a lightweight shape, through a blend of compression and part -molded construction. Buy HERE

After the presentation we headed over to the Lourve for a private tour of the museum which was such an honour because the Lourve was totally empty and it felt surreal to be there alone. Every where we travelled we left a fleet of black Mercedes in the distance which was a change from my stressful Parisian taxi rides where I have been told to get out because my French was too “annoying”.

The trip ended on the ultimate high with another private dinner looking over the Lourve Pyramid!!! This was a moment I will always treasure and never forget. I have lost count the amount of times I have been to Paris but this trip was by far the most amazing time spent in the city and an unforgettable experience.

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NIKE Pro Indy 


NIKE Pro Classic US HERE

NIKE Pro Rival 

CC xx


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