by Claire Chanelle

Happy Valentine’s day.

I wanted to celebrate today by sharing the story of how Paris and I met and how we stay romantic with one another after nearly ten years together.

Paris and I met in a London bar, maybe not the fantasy story you presumed!  A place we both never usually hang out in but our friends were meeting there. We were introduced through friends. I thought Paris was rude and he told me (a few weeks after)  he just wanted to leave and go to one of his old man pubs near his flat. I was determined to make this “rude” man talk to me. I wanted to show him how amazing I was, captivate him then dismiss him, as he did to me earlier.

The plan was all going swimmingly until I started to realise how interesting he was. He was not like any other guys I had met before. He seemed to know about all the things in life that I did not know about and he listened to everything I was saying. Something he tends to not do anymore but at least he was clever enough to listen for the first five years.

We later moved on to a club, we both dislike clubs so we stepped outside to hear each other talk. Two hours flew by, we went back inside, the lights were on and the club was empty. The rest is literally history.

There are so many elements which contribute to keeping our relationship alive, maybe I can share that in another blog post? For now, I wanted to talk to you about how jewellery and the sentimental value it adds to our relationship. We have never been the type of couple to buy each other  gifts, we both prefer to experience something together and make a memory. However, with jewellery, it is something that does last for ever, unlike a pair of shoes or an outfit. Jewellery has sentimental value, we can wear it everyday and it is a reminder of a memory.

Paris has always loved jewellery and I have him to thank for my love of fine jewellery.

For our London Ritz wedding, I wanted to wear some delicate fine jewellery, something that was true to me and represents who we are as a couple. I wanted something that I could wear everyday after the wedding as a constant reminder of our special day.


We chose the Enchanted Lotus collection by De Beers together. We both fell in love with the design, it truly is exquisite and unique. We loved the idea of building up the collection over the years, the Enchanted Lotus collection has a wide range of pieces, which you can see here. You an also read my wedding day blog post and see more of the jewellery I wore here.

Shortly after our wedding, I introduced the Enchanted Lotus Rose Gold and White Mother of Pearl band. For me, this is the most outstanding piece from my fine jewellery collection. I am in awe of it when I wear it. It complements the other Enchanted Lotus pieces I wear but this band also looks striking enough to wear alone.

This band was a gift to myself. It represents hard work and reminds me of all the goals I achieved last year. Fine jewellery is the perfect gift to yourself to represent or celebrate a time in your life. Jewellery is my preferred romantic gift from Paris but it is also a gift I like to give to myself.

I am so happy with my choice, however, it took me over a week to decide which Enchanted Lotus band to choose. Each piece is incredibly striking and eye catching. I chose the rose gold with mother of pearl to fit with my other pieces. However, I was really drawn to the White Gold and Lapis Lazuli band. It reminds me of the British Royal family and I love the striking contrast.


The Rose Gold and Carnelian band was another favourite of mine. I think the tone of colours would suit most skin tones and I could imagine how well this would suit my everyday looks. I recommend seeing these pieces in store as they are sensational in reality and the details are breathtaking.


Echoing the beauty of the lotus flower, this graceful flowering form is symbolic of renewal and the cyclical nature of the sun; awakening at dawn and drawing to a close as night falls. The exceptional craftsmanship and De Beers’ signature floating micropavé used to create the Enchanted Lotus Collection is unrivalled and results in elegant pieces of a timeless nature.

De Beers have extended their Enchanted Lotus range for Valentine’s day, Click here to see this collection. These are the perfect gift even if it is a gift to yourself. Which style are you drawn to?


This post was sponsored by De Beers

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