A Bit Ghetto

by Claire Chanelle

alexander wang duffle bag

One of my favourite brands to wear is Alexander Wand and T by Alexander Wang. Everything is so wearable and comfortable and I like the casual but chicness of the style. Wang is very much my style, I am a bit of a tomboy sometimes. If I could I would wear Wang all the time but my bank does not permit me to do so. T by Alexander Wang is the sister line that is less expensive but still just as desirable.

alexander wang

t by alexander wang

sports chic

beanie trend

neon trend

london fashion blog

isabel marant beckett sneakers

alexander wang yellow duffle bag

isabel marant sneakers

chouquette fashion blog

I bought the jacket in the Christmas sales, I also bought the dress that I am yet to wear. I could wear it with what I have on here but the dress will dress it up a bit more. The new seasons version of the jacket is SOOOO NICE I really need to buy it! The new colours are grey and white or navy and black. The dress I have is plain black and the new seasons one is the same but with a white zip down the front.

I LOVE my new Isabel Marant sneakers. These are so hard to find, which is why I often buy them for my clients at Chelsea Styling. I have a room full of these sneakers and just excepted that they are not for me 🙁 UNTIL Paris surprised me with a pair the other day as a pre Valentines gift. He basically finds it hard to keep presents from me! I love the colour and black piping, they will go well with a lot of things I wear. I have two pairs of the Marants in stock to buy if anyone is looking for a pair? I have the baby blue in a size 39. I can not believe how long the Marant trend has lastesed. I never buy things because they are a trend because then you will not want to wear them when “there out of trend.” I bought my Marants because I like them and they are so comfy but I still have a bit of height. If they go out of fashion tomorrow I will not care, I will still be wearing mine!

I bought this Alexander Wang bag a couple of months ago, I have wanted one for ages. My friends call it the “wag bag” and keep telling me Coleen Rooney wants her bag back….evil girls. I decided to buy the bright neon because I was itching to buy a bright colour bag, i.e the citron Céline Phantom! I just knew I would regret it as London is not often hot and summery so I knew I could only wear this bag two months of the year. A yellow bag is great  if you live in the heat but not for London. Also I cant wear bright yellow with a lot of my outfits and for £1650 I want to wear it a lot! So this meant I got buying a bright yellow bag out of my system with out wasting £1650.

My necklace is a belt, it’s the one my mum bought my for Christmas. I wanted one I could wear as a belt and a necklace and have two for one. Always good when buying something expensive. It went perfectly with my ghetto, sporty look!

vintage chanel necklace

I am wearing: T by Alexander Wang jacket, Topman tee,

Topshop jeans, Isabel Marant sneakers,

Topshop beanie, vintage Chanel necklace/belt with

Alexander Wang duffle bag.

Claire xx

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