Alexander Wang Parental Advisory DIY

by Claire Chanelle

parental advisory explicit content

Day three of London Fashion week I wore my Alexander Wang inspired sweatshirt and I was asked over and over again if it was by Alexander Wang! I would reply “it was on the runway last week so of course it isn’t, it is INSPIRED by Wang.”

I am sure you will agree that the “Parental Advisory Contains Explicit Content” jumper is a must have and like me you want it now!? I hate to think what the retail price is and I am glad it is not available because I would have had a “Chanelle” moment and bought it on impulse for fashion week. I wanted to explain how I put this look together because I have had so many emails, comments and people asking me in the street where it was from.

I am sure on the high street there will be plenty of inspired/copies of this Alexander Wang but if you want it right now, way before everyone else AND at a very low cost then you will love how I made my version.

I ordered a plain Tshirt £10 from Etsy:

parental advisory t shirt

I was on the hunt for a crop sweater with a transparent mesh panel and found the perfect one in Zara TRF – £25.

transparent panel sweater crop black sweater

I knew I needed to make this within a day so I was rushed, if I had more time I would have ordered an iron on decal or cut out the logo on the Tshirt and sewn it onto the Zara jumper, as that way you would still see the mesh panel on the side of the sweater. I also made sure I bought the Tshirt from a UK company so it would be delivered the next day. The jumper was the first cropped sweatshirt with mesh transparent panels I saw but thinking about it I think I was very lucky to come across something that was cropped, black, had transparent mesh panels, was cheap and available!

This is the original real deal:

alexander wang parental advisory explicit content

This is my DIY inspired version:

parental advisory explicit content sweater alexander wang cropped sweater alexander wang inspired explicit content sweater

What do you think? I would love you to let me know if anyone tries to make one, send me an email or tag me on Twitter or Instagram @iamchouquette.

Claire xx

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Laura September 19, 2013 - 3:56 pm

This is so cool, I’m gonna try it out. Will order the shirt right now

Chouquette September 19, 2013 - 10:38 pm

Please email me or tag me so I can see the final result. xx


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