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Sorry for the delay on this post, the wifi is slow at my hotel in Cyprus. I would also like to thank all the people that have emailed me recommending hotels, restaurants and places to go in Cyprus. I was so grateful some of you had taken the time to contact me without me asking. I was also surprised I even had readers from Cyprus so thank you.

If you read my last few posts you will all be well aware I have a thing for crochet and bikinis so I spend hours on line trying to find unique swim wear. I also really enjoy finding brands no one else (that I know of) knows about and I can now share my finds with you. One late night after stalking various sites and photos I came across this site Andi Bagus. The styles were slightly more unique than other brands I had came across but at first sight I just thought “oh I have found another good crochet site” but after clicking on every single product the excitement came and I was clicking everything in my basket! The reason for this was the price. Not only were these the best styles I had seen, you can also mix and match styles, buy plain or beaded YES beaded, I love a bit of beading and embellishment. The prices are anything from $29 AUS for a two pieces bikini, $49 dollars for a monokini which is such a great price and then other styles vary depending on the beading. In general the prices are amazing. A little too good that I thought the quality may be a little flimsy with thin crocheting. When my items arrived they were just as good as any other crochet item I had paid hundreds of pounds for. I love that the styles are all hand made in Bali too.

The major amazing news that you all need to know about starts here.

What do you think when you see the words “sole less mermaid sandals”? In my mind I just wanted to see mermaid sandals that have no soles……. what could they be? The fab names continue with the likes of “earth child belt” “rainbow sandals” and peace out bikini” already you must want to head over to the site and buy enough swim wear and beach jewels to last you a life time, I certainly did.


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So what do you think of the sole less sandals and cuffs?

I have my eye on the “greta long leg suede sandals” in baby blue and I am loving the new lime and pink suede bikini which buy the way is really flattering and one of my personal favorites. I also would like to order a red strings bikinis. Frankly I won’t be happy until I have one of everything.

So far I have:

Kulit Suede bikini” in black and charcoal grey. M/L I love the new lime and pink colours.

Coyote bikini” which by the way I am wearing here. One size only.

Esa bikini” in charcoal grey. One size only.

Putu bikini” yellow and baby blue. M/L

Albi bikini” in sand. M/L

2 Rows Felicity crop top” in black with the “Lulu” matching skirt.

“Katie swim bra” beaded “PIMPED” in sand and plain in baby pink.

Malam Monokini” in white, baby blue and black. M/L

Queen of Clubs necklace” also wearing in this post.

Queen of Spades necklace“.

Night Moves Cuff“.

Sole less sandals” in silver and white.

Gwyneth Ankle cuff” in grey and white.

Cali dreaming” necklace.

Gosh that is a lot but the price was good, there was a 20% discount code available which is still in use until the end of June **MAKEITMINE**. The way I see it; I would easily spend this much on a bikini if I convince myself enough and now I have enough swimwear to last me until I am too old to wear them.

Now for sizing. I know how difficult to is to judge what size to buy when it’s a product on line you can’t try on and it’s so disappointing when you have waited so long for the package and it doesn’t fit. I am a size 8/10 UK but I have double D boobs and although I am not fat, I work out a lot (eat lots of sugar) and I am slightly curvy. I ordered everything in M/L which fits me perfectly, even if you are slightly bigger or smaller than me this is a good size. I had to buy “one size” in a few styles; the knickers seem to be pretty similar and to be honest all the knickers are small which I always find in Bali and Australia. The one size bikini tops are smaller and I feel a bit conscious with basically what I feel is just covering my nipple but it still looks fine and perfect for the beach to tan ;0) If you are a size 6/8 or C cup down you can order S/M. For the monokini you need a M/L if you are tall, because you need the length in the body. The owner Andrea was really helpful, she answered my emails regarding sizing and shipping and she gave me a great service. Some amazing news that has twisted my arm to order more bikinis is the fact that Andi Bagus is introducing more sizes and separate styles so you can mix and match.

Don’y forget to use the 20% off discount code “MAKEITMINE“. Please tag me in anything you buy I would love to see which styles you chose.

In my next post I will show you photos of the monkini and more photos of the shoes and cuffs. I will also tell you why crochet is the best swimwear to buy.




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Kara Zwaanstra August 13, 2016 - 9:30 pm

Love your post about Andi Bagus!
I wanted to buy a bikini from them in the colour charcoal, but I was wondering if it was more a grey tone or a blue tone charcoal ? It’s hard to tell because they don’t have any colour charts online!


Chouquette August 15, 2016 - 8:05 pm

They are amazing. I have charcoal and it is more of a grey tone. I love it. xx

Meg McGuiness November 4, 2016 - 10:47 am

How does the Putu Bikini go in the water?! Thanks!

Chouquette November 5, 2016 - 9:30 pm

All of there swim wear it great! I am such a fan of the brand. Your comment just reminded me to order some more bits. As far as crochet goes it’s not the best swim wear fabric because it takes longer to dry but I still love it. The Putu ones are fine. I recommend the accessories too. xx


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