Arizona Muse Wants My Seat Burberry Prorsum SS14

by Claire Chanelle

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My highlight of fashion week as always is the Burberry Prorsum show, I literally can not sleep the entire week before the show! The location is so beautiful and dramatic, the frow is always over flowing of A list fashionistas, the atmosphere is indescribable, the hype outside the show is crazy, the collection is always breath taking and Burberry are recognised for there show stopping surprises. When the music starts I have to take a breath and compose after all the drama and focus on the reason I am there, I try so hard to not keep thinking “what will the surprise be this season” what can possibly top last season’s Tom Odell live singing Hold Me. Also try to imagine Olivia Palmero, Miroslava Duma and Harry Styles sitting within arms reach of you and not looking at them! One major moment I had was at the start of the show! I usually do not attend on my own but this season I went by myself which sadly was not as fun and I missed my side kick for the day it did not feel the same this also meant I was not as punctual as usual so I was unable to take in the chaos before the show I had to simply run in and take my seat. I also spoke to Anna Wintour and Miroslava but I can hardly pull a selfie, could I? So hopefully next season I won’t be on my own again. SO anyway the seating plan at the show is individual seats so no one can sneakily squeeze in on the front row, each seat is named and there is no way anyone can steal anyone else’s seat. I arrive to my seat number and “a girl” was sitting in my seat, the show was about to start so I politely asked her to move when she replied “is this your seat” “yes of course” I reply. Her friend then asked me for my name and to show him my invite. I was thinking ok the seat police here you go! We had an awkward moment where she squeezed passed me to go to her seat where she relocated to the FRONT ROW!! I was like HUH who is she, I took a closer look under her hat and it was indeed Arizona Muse!! Arizona Muse wanted my seat and I told her to move oopsy! If I had known I would have happily swapped seats, who wants to not seat frow?? It is not everyday this happens to me so I had a little giggle to myself.

I wanted to wear something Burberry Prorsum for the show so I chose this heart patterned Tshirt because I knew I would wear it again, I chose the men’s one because I liked the scratched pattern and black is not avaible in the women’s collection. My Manolos are comfy for running around and my prada glasses were a great statemet piece for fashion week. I have also learnt that a small bag is better at fashion week because there is no room for your bag and a big bag gets in the way.



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burberry heart t shirt ss14

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burberry heart tshirt

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I wanted to do something different with my make up so I chose to keep it simple and wear a dark lipstick. I had it in my head I had to wear black lipstick so I rushed to Harrods to find one and made myself late, this is a typical situation I put myself in! I was pleased with the look but it is too difficult to maintain for me.

purple lipstick

Immediately I knew this was my favourite collection ever from Burberry Prorsum, Christopher Bailey is seriously a genius and knows exactly what a woman wants when it comes to flattering silhouettes, feminine textures and romance!! I could not help but sigh at the thought of last season when I wore my lilac Burberry mac and lilac Chanel boy bag and this collection’s main focus was pastels in particular lilac! Let’s just see this as me being ahead of the trends 😉 When you combine pastel pink, mint, sky blue and lilac with embellished bejewelled lace fabrics then you can not ask for a more dreamer outfit. Usually I have my instant favourite pieces but this has been the only show where I would wear everything and everything was in my fave pile. But if I am forced to choose it would be the embellished skirts and lilac lace blouse. I love how the statement stripes were thrown in to create the unpredictable element and appeal to the not so girly girls.

When the roses started falling I wanted to start squirling mainly from relief, the big suprise had finally been revealed. Whilst everyone was watching the show I kept looking up because I was sure the surprise was going to consist of something falling from the sky (the ceiling of course) the lady next to me kept looking at me clearly thinking why does this girl keeps looking up? I managed to capture the perfect photos of the finale walk with the falling rose petals but I can not describe the intense romance it was indescribable.

burberry prorsum ss14


burberry prorsum london fashion week

burberry prorsum ss14 review

burberry ss14

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burberry prorsum ss14 finale


Before the show:

miroslava duma

burberry prorsum ss14 front row

burberry prorsum backstage

christopher bailey


I thought it was totally acceptable to pull a selfie on Harry because he’s used to this by now and felt like it was ok! I am so lucky I get the best seat at this show not only do I get a fab view for photos I am also literally the first person to run backstage after the show. I saw Christopher Bailey get interviewed and got some close up snaps before the tornado of people surrounded him. I then found myself stuck in a pond of people and photographers where Harry Styles was by my side! I am not a Harry fan so I considered for a few seconds should I ask for a photo or not, I decided yes as he was right there! Some journalist was interviewing him for what seemed as forever and she was asking the most pointless questions I thought if I do not interrupt then someone else will! He was so polite and charming it completely threw me and I am now a Harry fan!

Harry Styles

I then noticed a girl standing next to me in a balaclava I knew immediately it was Cara I could tell by the eyes. No one had noticed her yet so I asked her for a quick photo and then everyone went crazy shouting at her. Normally I stay longer but it was so hectic and I was so happy to see Christopher Bailey up close and meet Cara and Harry so I decided to leave and make my way to the Pringle event. On my way out I spotted the Grazia digital editor Jessica Vince. Being an editor people like Jessica are not in the public eye and stay behind the scenes but I have been reading Grazia from the very first issue and noticed Jessica Vince’s work from when she first started. I really fell in love with her witty phrases and the way she portrays a sense of humour through her writing. I do not aspire to be like a famous celebrity I am inspired by real people like Jessica who live a dream job (dream job to me), are talented in their field of work and I know how hard she would have worked to get where she is and I admire her for this. I am always so pleased to meet people I admire and they are all I hoped they would be. I am fascinated by the behind the scene elements and the preparation of fashion not so much the finish product i.e Kim Kardashian wearing a Givenchy dress the day after it has walked the runway! If I am honoured enough for Jessica to come across this review then congratulations on your digital brand of the year award and well done on your first cover story, massive achievement!
burberry prorsum lfw backstage

Burberry Prorsum Tshirt (men’s)

All Saints Leather Trousers

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Prada Sunglasses

Chanel Boy Bag

Claire xx

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