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by Claire Chanelle






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I know I am a season behind and next week the new Chanel show will showcase but I never managed to write the post and decide to save it for the UK launch when you can buy the collection, which is TODAY and the day after my birthday.

I decided what I was going to buy the day I saw the show and hopefully I will get everything by the time you have read this post. I will be visiting every Chanel store in London to collect my pre orders for myself and Chelsea Styling clients so stay tuned to see what I buy. I having been saving since February to ensure I get what I want. This collection will mean a lot to me as it was my first Chanel show, I want buy a few bits to remind me of the day.

My favourite look was the pink head to toe tweed and anything that involved pink! This is not because I am a pink girl but because every piece with pink seemed to be the best! I loved how Karl teamed his Chanel chicness with sneakers and bought a whole new meaning to the word “supermarket” I will never be able to hear that word again without thinking CHANEL. The whole concept was jaw dropping, insanely amazing, every detail was encrusted with Chanel; Chanel pasta, Chanel cookies, such as haute Ketchup, eau de Chanel and Jambon Cambon……….everything Chanel it was my heaven. The size of the space is like no other show and  this was for sure the best shopping centre/show  I have seen.

A few pieces that everyone was talking about was the basket bag – retailing at approximately £7000, milk carton – retailing at approximately £2700 and the sneakers – retailing at £705. After today I will have more prices for you so hold tight.

Cara walked the finale holding hands with Karl, right as she walked passed me she picked up an apple and threw it to the audience. I was so excited to see Karl as this was my first time. Kendall Jenna walked the catwalk which I did not realise until after the show and looked at my instagram. I loved the grey hound that walked the catwalk, which I saw a few weeks later in a London Chanel store, they are brothers Bertie and Bear.




Balman Denim Jacket 

Black Leather Trousers

Chanel Sneakers Similar HERE

Topshop Shirt

Designer Exchange Chanel Vintage Backpack Similar HERE HERE

CC xx

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1 comment

Adele September 12, 2014 - 12:00 pm

I love the outfit you wore to the show. These pieces are definitely going to be collectors items in a few years! Can’t wait to see the next show.
Hugs xoxo


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