Chanel SS14 Press Day

by Claire Chanelle
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It started with THE LIFT, the black shiny lift that takes you to the top floor of the Bond Street Chanel boutique, I call it Chanel heaven. When I walked in I did not know where to start because there is a huge stair case and there are three rooms that are linked to one another. I of course was not thinking logically and simply ran from room to room back and forth for literally two hours!! The PR team at Chanel are so sweet and probably my favourite press team (shhh don’t tell the others) because everyone is approachable, chatty and friendly. Being Chanel you would think, well I thought, that the Chanel team would be more reserved and I would have to be on my best behaviour but that was not the case at all. The girls were offering us drinks; a dreamy sparkling peach juice that was the best drink I have ever had and talking me through the new collection and asking about my blog and my interests. I was made to feel really welcome which just made the day even more enjoyable. Can I touch on the word “day” usually the maximum I stay at a press event is twenty mins because there are a lot of events to get through and once the photos have been taken there is no need to stay. However this was not the case for the Chanel press day, I did not want to leave as you can imagine, the press team was amazing and the collection was even better.

The first photo has a funny story behind it; I picked up all the clutches because I wanted to feel like a rebel that was allowed to pick up as many bags as I could carry. I suddenly realised how silly this was because I could have easily dropped one in my excitement and potentially damaged thousands of pounds worth of stock; highly inappropriate of me!  It’s not everyday you’re in a room full of NEW SEASON Chanel AND your are permitted to take photos. You do realise all these photos I take in Chanel are “illegal” as Chanel do not allow photos of the items in store. The odd occasion I do take photos in Harrods when the store is closed but I can not touch the bags other wise security might be after me.

Now for the important part and what you want to hear…the spring summer 14 collection.  The Boy bag colour ways were bright colours with deep tones such as emerald green, fuchsia pink and navy blue. The leathers were either patent or perforated and there were also some tweed and stitched fabrics. There were art graffiti printed classic flap bags and backpacks and the Boy Brick bag will be repeated next season in bright two tone colours. I can officially confirm thanks to the Chanel girls on the day that the Brick is indeed called the Brick and not the Lego clutch! It has been called the Lego clutch many times but this is not the official name. The statement chunky jewellery was true to the signature Chanel aesthetics but in silver giving it the modern ‘Karl’ look. The piece which stood out the most for me was the framed clutch; the clutch appears to be a classic mini flap bag but on the reverse side the back is white canvas with a mini pocket. I loved this bag and predict great things to come for her. The statement shoes were the knee high monochrome sock boots that are SO Chanel and would look great with any Chanel ready to wear, I am really looking forward to seeing these worn on a chic girl walking down King’s Road so I can see them worn in real everyday life. I can imagine every school girl and student in the world wants one of the portfolios, I want to go back to school just so I can have one. I loved the shape of the sunglasses and these are a must for next year, I love oversized sunnies and they came in a range of colours too as you can see. I was anxious to see the cuffs as you know I have been hunting for one all year but Chanel never have size small in stock 🙁 I must own a Chanel cuff for 2014 preferably one like the transparent and black cuff photo number 33 or the leather quilted one I shared with you on my instagram page.

To summarise expect to see sequins, pleated plastic, perforated leather and graffiti art work. What stood out for you and has anyone got their eye on a particular piece they are going to buy?

My favourite pieces were all the accessories in the second photo, navy blue Boy bag, the clutch that is like a classic flap bag but white at the back, pearl heels, navy brief case and silver chunky necklace! This table would keep me happy for a year and I will aim for at least one of these items. The amazing briefcase with a vintage edge was surprisingly my total favourite which is quite a grown up choice for me, I think this is because it is practical for work and unlike any of my current Chanel bags.

Soon I will be sharing with you some of my favourite Chanel make up products and must haves to carry around with you day to day.

It was beyond great to see and touch the SS14 collection after seeing it all on the runway and thank you Chanel for the warm welcome and perfect chic refreshments, I will look forward to the next event.

CC xx

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jessica December 15, 2013 - 10:23 pm

The last pictures arent showing 🙁

Chouquette December 15, 2013 - 10:45 pm

I know 🙁 I am looking into it xx

Louise December 16, 2013 - 11:04 pm

Claire OMG everything looks aaaamazing! The boy brick bag is definitely top of my list!


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