Chouquette’s OOTD

by Claire Chanelle

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I called this post Chouquette’s OOTD because if I was to describe myself as an outfit this would be it; good quality jeans in a boyfriend fit, an off the shoulder loose top, some expensive shoes (sounds shallow but they make me feel good) and a nice/small cross body bag. People always think my favourite colour is pink but it’s not at all, I like tom boy colours and and feel most comfortable when I am dressed more like a boy! I like pink when Chanel is involved as pink is rare and hard to come by. I do like the odd pastel. I seem to be drawn to pastels now and again, I am a girl after all.But just incase you were confused this is how I see my style.

This is another pair of my One teaspoon buys. The Freebird which were meant to be tight but they fit me more like boyfriend. I decided to keep this big size mainly because shipping back to Australia and getting my custom refund is too much hassle. I loved them so much I ordered another pair in the exact same style but two sizes small a 26″ and these fit me perfectly. I also ordered a 28″ black pair of Freebird and these too are huge so I ordered another pair of (vintage) black in a size 26″. This is why Paris literally screamed at me and went totally mad at me for spending so much money on jeans. But jeans are 80% of what I wear and I told him I now have enough denim to last me until I’m 45.

Moving swiftly on let’s talk about sizing. Don’t make my mistake and order slightly bigger because you are worried they will be too small, order your correct size and then take into consideration that they stretch. The 26″ fit me perfectly but after all day wearing them they are no longer super tight like I want them to be. To read about the short sizing click here.







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