GUCCI Dionysus – Designer Exchange

by Claire Chanelle



I am sooooo in love with my new GUCCI DIONYSUS from Designer Exchange. It was fait that I have this bag, I feel so lucky. I have explained the story behind the purchase and explained everything you need to now regarding the actual bag and the store “Designer Exchange.” Click here to watch the video.

I will let you watch the video and that will save you reading a long story. In short……

I have had my eye on this bag for a couple of months I was so unsure if it was worth the money or maybe it was just a trend that has been done. I decided I didn’t care if the “bag has been done” I really loved it. The day I was going to order it. I happened to be passing Designer Exchange. I always pop in when I am in the Knightsbridge area because I am well aware that new bags get sold in and do not even have a chance to get to the instagram page. I was actually stopping by to see if they had another bag I am looking for. I saw this Dionysus by the till and couldn’t believe they had it. It was the perfect size and in immaculate condition. On the video I had to use a bright white light (because it was such a dull day) and the suede looks slightly distressed. In real life it’s actually immaculate, there is not a mark on it. It came with the original dust bag and the price was pretty much 50% off at £795. The price was insane! The prices are always priced very fair and of course you have the option to exchange a bag you currently own in return for something new. I trust this company 110% when it comes to buying authenticated pieces. All the staff are well trained and they employ authenticators to check every single bag.

I was so lucky to find this bag but it was totally down to me stalking them and constantly popping in. If you are looking for a bag I suggest you give them a call on 0207 581 9506 and just let them know what bag you are looking for.

You have to stalk this store in order to get the perfect buy viagra online canadian “it” bag. Stalk or be prepared to miss out. 

The girls are really nice and always call me when a bag comes in from my wish list. If you don’t want to wait you can buy one new here. They have a store in London, Manchester, Birmingham and Madrid. Click here to find out more on their website and click here to see their instagram. I suggest you follow their instagram because it is the best way to see the latest stock.

Designer Exchange also offer a service to sell your bags for instant money. They don’t sell by consignment which means no waiting around for your money. I use this service 99% of the time, it’s just so easy. They have a Saint Laurent bag of mine right now, it’s brand new and waiting for a new home.

To find out more about the bag and what I can fit inside click here and watch the video.

My new side cabinet in the first photo (and in the background of my video) is from Rails Design. You can find them on etsy here and see their instagram here. I have explained a little history about the brand on my latest video and I promise to take some photos of all the pieces I have from them so you can get a better look. I have the TV cabinet to match this cabinet. I feel like I have been searching all my life to find a good looking TV cabinet and now I finally have the most amazing TV cabinet. I will save all the details for when I actually write about the brand and show you more photos but for now click here to view all the products and if you have any questions just send them an email to the customer service was 10/10, they answered all of my annoying questions and gave me the best service from start to finish. They can make any changes to suit anything you want regarding the size or colour because everything is made from scratch. The quality is pure luxury, I can not wait to show you more.




CC xx

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