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I am obsessed with my new Missguided off the shoulder sweater, I am so obsessed that I have literally ordered one in every colour: black, lilac, peach, white and electric blue. They feel so cosy and so cheap for £15 I LOVE LOVE LOVE!!

You saw the silver shorts worn before HERE so this shows an alternative look and a more casual look.

If you follow my instagram and Twitter @iamchouquette you will know I got a new vintage Chanel classic flap bag in white lamb skin with silver hard wear from DESIGNER EXCHANGE similar HERE HERE  and HERE. I am so happy with this bag and it has started a white obsession. It looks so good with every outfit and looked amazing in the sun when I was in the SOF. This bag was such a great price at £850, a Chanel classic flap for £850 is amazing. I know it is not new and up close it defiantly has some wear and tear but with the vintage bags I like that look of aged leather it adds character and at the end of they day if you want a pristine one then it will cost you an extra £2k plus. I also thought it was best to buy a vintage white Chanel because a new one would get marked in no time so at least this saves you a couple of thousand and I don’t panic about it getting marked. I am so happy with his bag and once again I have another great piece from DESIGNER EXCHANGE. The day after I got this bag I went straight back to the store anxd bought an emerald green Chanel satin bag that I am excited to show you.

Whilst I was away DEX got broken into by three masked men. The week before the Chanel store down the road also got robbed, to me it sounds like the same gang. Of course this is outrageous but for me I was so angered by such disgusting actions because I know how hard DEX have worked to build the company, how much effort, time and money put into sourcing the bags and protecting the store and most of all I know the girls that were present when the men robbed the store in front of them. To make matters worse a tourist was in the store with her young child and her bag was stolen which was carrying cash and her passport. This makes me ashamed of the city I live in. Some people work hard to build a brand and afford nice things where as others just thieve their way through life shamelessly. This was a lesson learnt and DEX will come back bigger and stronger. To read the full story click here and please contact DEX if you have any information. Yesterday it was announced that one of the men have been identified so looks like they won’t get away with the crime.


Designer Exchange Chanel Classic Flap Similar HERE HERE and HERE

Silver Shorts 

Givenchy Necklace and Bracelet 

Joubi Ring 

Grey Sun Hat 

Vivienne Westwood Ring 

CC xx

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Adele May 30, 2014 - 12:40 pm

Love your white Chanel & I’m totally lusting after your Givenchy sharks tooth bracelet.
Have a great weekend 🙂
Hugs xoxo

Irena D May 30, 2014 - 2:27 pm

wow what an amazing and stylish outfit !! i love your jumper can’t believe its from Missguided

The Provoker May 31, 2014 - 5:22 pm

Stunning shots, the raw edge on the wide brimmed hat is great! <3

xx The Provoker


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