It would be rude not to.

by Claire Chanelle

After getting all glamourous for my ‘tongue in cheek’ addicted to Louboutin campaign. I felt it would be rude to my new babies; the neon yellow Pigalles, if I did not go out. Coincidently I had a birthday to attend at Kensington Roof Gardens; one of my favourite places to go out. So here is my outfit for Friday 4th May.

In my bathroom. Black crop vest with frill - Topshop, Embellished, sequin skirt - Virgos Lounge.

Vigos Lounge is a website I came across a few weeks ago. It is seriously my total fav at the moment. The product is so fresh from anything else on the market right now. Its slightly on the pricey side for high-street BUT its worth it as its so different. I bought quite a lot from here already. Later on this week I will upload my new items. Everything I ordered exceeded my expectations. I over loaded on the sequins and clicked on ‘buy now’ to anything vintage looking, which em was more less 90% of the stock! The website states that they offer a vintage look with a modern twist and this is very accurate. I have previously ordered ‘vintage inspired’ items and when they arrive they are cheap looking and consist of about 11 beads or something. The skirt I am wearing here is so heavy and has amazing colour and detail. I think it looks good in a photo too. You will see me wear this skirt a lot. As I explain to you in my MEMEME page, I am not a celebrity so I will wear things over an over. I would prefer to invest in one expensive piece, wear it over and over in a different way as opposed to something cheap and throw it after one wear. I love it and can not wait to show you my other amazing buys from Virgos Lounge.

The J12 is also a new purchases so I will share a post with you regarding that day later on in the week.

Vintage Chanel charm Bracelet, black Chanel J12 watch with black and gold Chanel bag.

Kensignton Roof Gardens.

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Tas May 9, 2012 - 9:13 pm

Great post n blog! From a fellow Londoner who has the same Chanel bags! I’ll forward our blog to friends 🙂

admin May 9, 2012 - 9:21 pm

Thank you so much for taking the time to comment. Totally love Chanel! This comment means you will be entered into the dress competition. Good luck and please come again!xx


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