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I am really excited to finally share my collaboration with luxury retailer Whispersales. If you follow my instagram you may remember this photo shoot?

I have always done my upmost to take a detour when it comes to Hermes as it’s a dangerous (I mean expensive) game to play and I do try my best to stay faithful to CHANEL. This all changed when I met Whispersales and since then everything I own Hermes is from them. I have come into contact with many Hermes resellers and these guys are by far the best and the only company I have shopped with…..why? I shop with them because it makes Hermes shopping drama free and the prices are the most competative. I am also 100% confident the product is authentic because the girls have a great reputation in the UK (especially Chelsea) and they are qualified authenticators. You will see from the last photo I recently had an Hermes blow out all thanks to Whispersales, I couldn’t resist the sold out piece I have been trying to get hold of and then I bought the same product in another colour but at a great price because it was preloved. I will reveal these all soon! I have so far purchased vintage, new and pre loved items from Whispersales, they hold inventory as well as sourcing items on request.

Now you know the basis of the company let me tell you about the shoot……

I was asked to style some of the stock they had which was so exciting because they had the colours and sizes I would love to buy. The only down side is I have now convinced myself I need a Kelly AND a Birkin and therefore officially hooked and sucked into the world of HERMES. There is something about owning a Birkin/Kelly that would make me feel proud I have worked hard enough to buy myself one not to mention the nods and smiles you receive form other Birkin/Kelly owners it really is a whole new secret world I have entered. I am scared what this may bring me but excited at the same time.

The first bag I chose was this ROSE JAIPUR TOGO KELLY 32, I was drawn to the candy floss pink which to me is the ultimate arm candy,a girls best friend and my fiancés worst nightmare. I had already chosen my look; this bubble gum pink two piece from Another Stories so the pink was the perfect piece for me. This suit has sold out now but I found this jacket which I have just ordered it, it’s AMAZING. You may think it is too pink but I love to colour block so why not. This look looks great in the photos but walking around London I noticed some people were double taking at my pink explosion of an outfit and long blonde hair, I defiantly felt “Legally Blonde” esq. I have always worn what I felt like so people can look at me all they like. If people think you are dumb just because you wear head to toe pink then clearly they are the divs.

This bag was brand new however unfortunately sold but if you love it as much as I do and can afford it more then I can; contact Whispsales either via their website, whats app them on +44 (0)7931 157761 or email



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Sophia Webster Shoes


CC xx




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Adele October 9, 2014 - 1:09 pm

What a gorgeous Kelly bag, I’m not surprised it’s already sold!
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