Lunch at Bev’s

by Claire Chanelle

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I have been away for three weeks but I am back. Thank you for following my American Road trip, it was epic; started off in Dallas for the Reward Style conference, drove round Texas (picking up way too many cowboy boots along the way) then we had a little tour around Cali. I am going to start the blogging off with one of my favourite looks and days of the trip but then I will start from Dallas and work my way through. This outfit was just too good to keep from you and I didn’t want the items I am wearing to sell out by the time I published the look.

Before I went away I was manic, the last time I was this manic was a few years ago and I ended up in hospital for a week. I actually think I had a mini breakdown but who doesn’t need a weeks sleep now and then 🙂 So, my point was I had the most incredible shoes delivered from the lovely team at Net A Porter. I didn’t even have time to show you because they were delivered to Em and she gave them to me at the airport.

I have had my eye on these shoes for over a year now, every time I go to buy them I can never find my size. At one time I did find my size but then a budget website was selling them. If I am honest I thought why don’t I save my self £550 and buy the pair for £30. Let me tell you….. that did not work out for me. Buying cheap shoes is fine, I have plenty but personally for me cheap shoes don’t feel great; they are uncomfortable and the do not last. I thought “it’s just a plain black pair of shoes, I don’t need to spend hundreds” the fact they are a simple black pair of shoes gave me all the more reason to invest because black shoes are my go to shoes, I need them to last. To conclude invest in your neutrals. I only took two pairs of heels on my three week trip, these new GIANVITO ROSSI ones and my nude Valentinos Rockstuds.

As you know (because I bang on about it daily) I have arthritis in my feet, therefore I can not wear any uncomfortable shoes; consequently all the shoes I own are tried and tested and you trust me that they are comfortable shoes. The leather on these Vamp pumps are so soft and I love the fact they just slip on. The heel is the perfect 4″ height and the best part is the scalloped cut outs. Officially the most flattering shoes I own because they make my legs appear longer. They will go with absolutely everything and they are sleek, chic and sexy. As soon as the grey come back in stock I will be buying them for sure. Click here to buy and buy your normal size as they run true to size. The also come in satin and suede.

“A pair of shoes can add so much sole to your outfit, invest well”


I have listed a few of my favourite shoes.


bev hills nap shoes (8 of 29)bev hills nap shoes (5 of 29)bev hills nap shoes (6 of 29)bev hills nap shoes (25 of 29)

I wore this look having lunch at the The Beverly Hills Hotel in Beverly Hills, obviously; where else would it be. I love, love, love this hotel. Not only is it beautiful, luxurious and has amazing food it’s the memories that I love. This hotel transports me back to my proposal three years ago. Even thinking of this hotel whilst I am at home makes me smile inside.

If you know the story skip this paragraph, for those of you that do not know my proposal story…..

Three years ago Paris and I went on a road trip across California. Our first stop was the The Beverly Hills Hotel. We had a lovely day in Venice, got back to our amazing suite and Paris sent me to the spa for a blow dry and pedicure. FYI, the spa is the best and that pedi was the best I have ever had even three years on. I came back to the room with my foam flip flops on and I saw pink rose petals all up the stairs. Paris opened the door with a huge smile on his face. The room was covered in pink roses. I then had to find love notes around the room which led me to the next note. I had to down champagne with one note,another led me to new Saint Laurent tributes (here) and then finally some roses led to the balcony where there were fairy lights (it was the evening) and a pink CHANEL bag. Within the CHANEL bag was a note saying “will you marry me”. It was the most magical night of my life and it all happened at the Beverly.

You can now see why this hotel is so special to us. We make sure we visit this hotel every time we are in LA. This time we didn’t stay here but that was big mistake and I will always stay with them from now on.

We enjoyed a pool side lunch at the Cabana Cafe. The pink and green striped design and roses everywhere makes this place so “instagramable friendly.” The lunch is not just lunch it is an entire experience in it’s self. The view is amazing but the people watching is even better, I love the fact I get to dress up a little and of course the food is fab; you must try there cookie sandwich. An absolute must place to visit if you are in LA.


My outfit was a little warm for LA because it was hotter than I realised but at least this is a UK suitable look to give you some inspo. I love wearing all black and I love off the shoulders tops, this site here can not be beaten when off the shoulder tops are concerned.

My bag is also new and this was the first time I had used it.

Click HERE to shop my new shoes, click HERE to shop my top and HERE to shop me jeans and click HERE to shop my bag.

bev hills nap shoes (28 of 29) bev hills nap shoes (2 of 29) bev hills nap shoes (1 of 29)bev hills nap shoes (21 of 29) bev hills nap shoes (26 of 29) bev hills nap shoes (24 of 29)  bev hills nap shoes (22 of 29) bev hills nap shoes (23 of 29)   bev hills nap shoes (17 of 29) bev hills nap shoes (18 of 29) bev hills nap shoes (19 of 29) bev hills nap shoes (15 of 29) bev hills nap shoes (16 of 29)   bev hills nap shoes (11 of 29) bev hills nap shoes (12 of 29) bev hills nap shoes (10 of 29)  bev hills nap shoes (9 of 29)  bev hills nap shoes (7 of 29) bev hills nap shoes (3 of 29)   bev hills nap shoes (4 of 29)


CC xx

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Jo April 30, 2016 - 7:43 pm

Great shots of The Beverley Hills Hotel! I’ve always been madly in love with the palm leaf wallpaper. Love your off the shoulder top!

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