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I really am so excited to finally reveal one of our newly renovated bathrooms, the first of many new rooms in our home. I hope the video on my YouTube channel helped you see it in the full glory?

This bathroom is a wet room, you can see from the envelope style floor tiles, to ensure the water all direct to the drain. Marble is very slippery so if you have a marble wet room be sure to use a plastic nonslip grip floor pad, like this one.

I started researching marble tiles this time last year, after intense searching we decided on TOPPS TILES, I did not realize the wide range of marble they offered and the quality is super impressive in real life. I suggest visiting one of the stores (across the country) so you can see the samples and layout any design ideas. I found this really helpful and essential to picking my tiles. If you missed my vlog shopping for tiles, click here.

During my store visit, I changed the tiles I initially thought I was going to order. Last minute I decided on the white herringbone design here. These are the tiles we used for the feature wall. They also come in baby pink too, I now need a bathroom with baby pink tiles! The grey grout really brings out the design, I suggest using a coloured grout to achieve the same or similar result. Darker grout is more durable too.

The Carrara marble tiles are the absolute dream, I was so so impressed by the quality and the veins within the natural stone. We chose the biggest tile to cover as much space as possible with no lines. I prefer the layout of the tiles we have as opposed to the brick layout. I think this style is more flawless and seamless. It means you have to buy a few more extra tiles, but it is worth it. Click here to see more of our tiles.

We had some tiles left over. We cut them down and reused them as a backsplash for the AGA in the kitchen. It was not planned but I am over the moon with how it turned out. It has inspired me to finish off the kitchen and add more marble.

We bought the grout and gold trims from TOPPS TILES too. This was not for ease, let me tell you Paris would drive to multiple stores if it meant he could save £2. After a few hours research, he was happy that TOPPS TILES also offered the best grout and trims.

There is another marble tile design I loved so much but you have to wait for the next reveal!

For those that are worried to tile your bathroom with real marble, I understand the worry because marble is porous and expensive. For me I love the look or real marble, I love how it changes and how each tile is different. As long as you buy from somewhere reasonable like we did and you are careful about leaks from products; you should be fine. You will be able to see in the video that I used one of the leftover tiles to place my cleaning products. This is not a hotel, I still my cleaning products in the bathroom so this was an idea I had to protect the tiles but without ruining the flawless vibe.

We have chosen some porcelain marble tiles for another room that will be used much more than this bathroom. Porcelain was needed elsewhere in the house and I can not wait to reveal this room. Again stay tuned.

I have a few of my favourite products in this bathroom. As you probably heard me say in the video: I have had a silly habit of not using my expensive beauty products, I want them to look pretty forever. I am slowly learning to enjoy them and not let the dis colour and go off! I really love to have pretty products as decoration however it is vital that the products work.

I am loving the new DIOR face serums. I use different types depending on what my skin needs or if I am going out or staying home. You can shop the full collection here. I placed my products on a marble tray, I have one of these in each bathroom.


I am the biggest lover of Jo Malone, it is one of my favorite brands for the home and becoming one of my favorite beauty brands. The body cream is divine and I feel so spoilt washing with their shower. I need to try their shampoo and conditioner next!

My most practical find for this room is the loo roll holder. I did not want to drill any holes in the marble for the sake of shelving or a loo roll holder. I found this one and love it! It comes in different colours, It is so perfect and practical. Whilst linking this item just now, I realised they now have a matching mirror. It was just what I was looking for, a small mirror to go behind the sink. I just ordered it 🙂 I may have also stumbled across a rose gold flamingo loo holder too, that I may have also bought.

I thought you would like to see some “before” images of the bathroom…

If I missed out any information, please leave me a comment below and do not forget to watch the video here.

I hope you enjoyed this post and it fills you with bathroom inspo.









CC xx

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