No Excuses

by Claire Chanelle
pink cross body bag

NIKE trainers

pink chanel classic flap

yellow coat

pink cross body bag

pink stripe jeans

mike sneakers

This was a look I wore in NYC, a more causal and comfortable look for walking around in. These sneakers were the start of my beautiful relationship with NIKE which has led me to taking part in the WE OWN THE NIGHT RUN which you can sign up for too, it’s not too late!

I loved these sunglasses they are so fun and caught  a lot of peoples attention because they are so over sized. I would of paid a designer price tag for these so I love them even more as they are so cheap. You will also see me wearing vertical striped jeans (usually in black and white) because they are flattering on the legs and also because its a nice change form normal plain jeans without being too out there. I have expensive pairs and really cheap pairs it all depends on the fit and the shape. I just bought these lilac striped ones which are great for summer. This Chanel bag was my proposal bag as you know and I wear it all the time and feel like every girl should own a pink Chanel 🙂 This colour is really rare and hard to find so I was really surprised to find one for sale here at such a bargain price! If I did not have one already I would of snapped this up!! I loved having my nails done in NYC because they just paint nails so good in America, what do you think of my grey french mani?

I really do not know where to start explaining how I went from owning one pair of NIKES for NYFW to wearing a NIKE Fuel band to taking part in 10K run! It all started inJanuary of this year when I thought packing a pair of trainers for fashion week would be a smart idea to wear in-between shows, when I think of sports wear I think NIKE so thats why I chose NIKE. By the way I ended up wearing these sneakers ALL THE TIME and not just to give my feet a break. I met up with the press team at Exposure and they gave me a Fuel band; I had seen these bands around but did not really know what they were. This band was the start of me making more of an effort with my fitness.

Something I have never shared with you before is I used to be a sprinter and used to run for Essex in my teens. I took sport very seriously and would road run around Billericay (where I grew up) even on Christmas day every year without fail. As I got older and started working the gym was harder to fit in and when I moved to London my workout completely stopped because I missed my country runs. The passed three years I have hated my new untoned figure and missed the feeling of working out. The Fuel band tells you digitally the calories you have burnt, how many steps made, how many fuel points earned and it even tells the time. I would make a conscious effort to run up stairs or go for a walk because I wanted to reach my Fuel goal everyday. I really thought these bands were for sporty people but in fact they are just as useful for people who do not work out at all because it pushes you to be more active in your day to day life. I wear my Fuel band every day and completly addicted to it. Click here to read more about them.

At this point I am totally into my NIKE sneakers, wearing them everyday with my signature Chanel accessories and I really love the contrast of high end designer and a sporty pair of NIKES. I have noticed this is a very “Chelsea Girl” look. When you next come to Chelsea look out for the Chelsea girls wearing gym clothes, sneakers, no make up, scruffy hair and always holding an amazing Birkin, Celine or Chanel bag. I think I am morphing into a Chelsea girl and loosing my glamorous Essex ways. I was then invited to the NIKE running club which is held at the Oxford Street store every Monday focusing on training for WE OWN THE NIGHT. Running a 10k run would of been so easy for me three years ago but now it would be a huge struggle so I am determined to take part and regain my fitness. Running club is totally free and I highly recommend coming along.

If I am honest three Mondays ago for the first start of the eight week training session I was so tired and the last thing I wanted to do was go to running club! I forced myself there and was very shy being in a new crowd of people that I then had to go running with. As soon as the run started I enjoyed it, it made running fun and the pacer encouraged me to run fasted then I normally would not to mention I would never push myself to run 3k on a Monday evening. That night was like a wake up call; even though I felt tired in fact after the run I felt more awake and really good about myself. This made me realise that there is no excuses not to make time to workout it is just a matter of changing your lifestyle. Taking part in a run like I am is a good way to get started and to make your workout more fun and set goals. WE OWN THE NIGHT will take part in East London on the 10TH of May and of course we will be running in the night! NIKE have teamed up with ELLE magazine to infuse fashion with music and sport and even collaborated with Alex Monroe to design an exclusive necklace for each runner who completes the twilight race!

Last Tuesday I was up bright and early as I had to be at Shoreditch house for 7:15am for a yoga session, It is important to train your core for strength and is also fun to mix up your training session. Afterwards we had the pleasure to meet Alex Monroe and listen to how he came up with the final design. Alex Monroe explains: “I wanted to make a piece that celebrated the wonderful achievement of running a 10k, while creating a beautiful piece of jewellery. The run isn’t about coming first, it’s a very personal achievement. Inspired by more traditional medals, the engraved gold, silver and bronze discs celebrate everybody’s participation. It’s pretty and feminine, and I hope all the runners will be proud to wear and keep it forever.”

Hopefully this year is the start of me regaining my fitness and healthy lifestyle, so far I am doing well and really thankful to everyone at NIKE for the encouragement and making it so fun.






Topshop Coat

Stripped Jeans or Similar 

NIKE Sneakers

River Island Sunglasses 

Chanel Classic Flap Bag or Similar 

CC xx

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Adele April 10, 2014 - 5:25 am

Good for you Claire, it’s great to have a ppersonal goal. I love your mani, it looks beautiful against your pink Chanel.
Hugs xoxo


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