One Of The Best

by Claire Chanelle

vinage lime green dress gold chanel reissue bag purse

I  bought this lime vintage dress in LA last year and it is literally one of the best finds. When I bought it my two friends could not believe I liked it. I absolute love it! What do you think, love? Or agree with my two friends?

Another reason why I called this post ‘one of the best’ is because of the bag I am wearing! I have not shown you my Chanel gold reissue yet, so it is an exciting day. I will share with you the story of this bag soon.

Of course the dress had a few stains which I managed to remove (some.) The dress is two maybe three sizes too big but I do not care. I would buy a piece of clothing if it had a great big foot print across it if I had to. I am not one of those people who have to examine my items before purchasing. This is a factor of being an impulsive “I don’t care I have to have it now” buyer. Once in Christian Louboutin I wanted some blue suede shoes. There was only one size left that fit me and they were completely and totally odd. One was a pastel blue the other electric blue. They were meant to be electric blue but one had somehow faded into another shoe! I said “I’ll take them!” The sales assistant laughed and refused to sell me them. So I asked for the manager and she still refused me.

Can you start to see what sort of person I am?

Anyway back to the dress. I still have not worn it yet because I still haven’t taken it in. I will one day. Even though I  have had it a year and still not done it. I threw a belt around it and it looked…….well ok I suppose. I wish more high street stores would introduce lime greens and lilacs. Instead of always the same old colours, like pink! If this dress was on the high street it would be pink!

I only wore this outfit for half  and hour as I was entering a Grazia competition. I had wanted to set up a blog for over a year and this was the first set of photos I took of an outfit. These photos gave me the blogging fever.

vintage chanel jacket lime green dress chanel reissue bag purse

gold chanel reissue bag chanel purse vintage dress

vintage chanel jacket

vintage sailor belt

I am wearing: Vintage lime dress, vintage jacket, vintage belt, vintage Chanel earrings, Chanel shoes with Chanel reissue gold bag. LOVE THIS LOOK.

Claire xx

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benitapari August 24, 2012 - 7:51 am

i want dress
And nice dresses

Chouquette August 24, 2012 - 8:33 pm

Thank you so much x


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