by Claire Chanelle


This is one of my favourite looks from PFW aw17. I wore this outfit to the BALMAIN show. When I packed my case for Paris I did not plan one single outfit, I through this dress in my suitcase last minute and didn’t even notice the back was ripped! Yep watch the blog and you will see I have a “back Vagina” as Nathan called it. I half my other outfits were bought Paris, gifted to me whilst I was staying in Paris or repeated pieces and re wore things.

My main priority was to spend time with my friend Nathan, who has recently moved to Paris for work. I made sure I squeezed in a few of my favourite brands, took some photos along the way but focused on catching up with Nath.

I also find pulling outfits together last minute always work out better than over thinking it. It’s a huge tip I want to share with you, don’t over think your looks and my advice is to see how you feel on the night/day of when/were you are going and simply pull out what you fancy. I hate pre thinking looks for so many reasons. It could be cold and your outfit was for a sunny day or vice versa, you might not fancy wearing tight clothes or maybe you are having a skinny day? Try my advice and I bet it works out for you.

My boots are new,  you can buy them here. I ordered this because I love my black once SO MUCH. I really love the brown ones too. These boots are super comfy and I love wearing them undone and done up. I have spoken about these boots in my Luxury Haul which will be published next week, stay tuned of that.

My Balmain blazer is new, the same as my other black one here with gold buttons but I wanted silver to compliment all the silver pieces I wear. I can’t get enough these blazer, I just love the fit of them.

My bag is one of my new faves. I am so much more in love with this bag than I imagined. You can never truly know if you love a bag until you use it, do you agree? I love how practical it is, I love the soft leather, the gold hardware mixed with the black hardware. I love how big it is, I love the shape….. I love it all and do not have one bad thing to say about it. I have my eye on the beige one because it’s a really pleasure to use and it’s so so practical. Tonrorow I will be sharing a “whats in my bag” video and it’s with this bag!

My dress is two years old. I designed it myself with Francesca Couture and she sells them made to order. If you like this dress contact them and ask for the “CHOUQUETTE dress.

The BALMAIN show was an absolute dream for me to attend, it was my first show and it did not disappoint. I honestly watch the show live each season and then pick what I am going to buy so I was watching this show a little bit selfishly to see what I was going to buy 🙂 BUT if you follow me on insatagram here and Snapchat (IAM CHOUQUETTE) you would have seen that I did a live video, lots of snaps and of course included it in the blog. Which piece was your favourite? Gigi stole the show for me and in my opinion she is a Goddess/Walking Angel! I predicted earth ones and gold and I was right on the money.

The party was also so much fun. It was fun because it wasn’t too packed and there was an actual show to watch. It was a really nice crowd, good vibes and I was so happy to be more involved with a brand I have pioneered on my blog for the passed fives years. You all know how much I love BALMAIN, I also share my brand knowledge with you and it’s clear how much of my own money I invest in them. Lets hope I can now bring you more BALMAIN updates and share with you more exciting news.

I hope you enjoy the vlog.







Photos by Moeez Tali

CC xx

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