Practicality + Lust = ?

by Claire Chanelle

Do you ever have a bad day and feel like if you could just buy a new bag or new shoes everything would be better?

The other day I had one of those day’s. Just as I was walking past Yves Saint Laurent I spotted a bag. Not just any bag but a beautiful leopard print mini Cabas bag hmmmmmmm. I knew instantly I had to have it and it was just what my little brain needed to feel totally better.

If you follow me on Instagram (Iam Chouquette) you would of seen the bag already. I also asked for your advice: Shall I? Shan’t I? So here was the dilemma: Firstly I am not the biggest brown fan and this bag had some brown bit’s. However I love leopard (that’s the Essex in me!) Secondly the bag was pony skin (actually this means cow hair) which makes the bag more expensive. Considering I am not too fussed about the “pony skin” I could not justify the price. My third and biggest problem was the pony skin will eventually malt. Due to the fact I have OCD disorder I could not enjoy the bag with baldy patches.

Conclusion: I decided against the bag for practical reason…….REWIND yes I said PRACTICAL reasons. This will be one of very few occasions where by I chose practicality over desire and lust.

So here she is, don’t you think the electric blue nail polish matches so nicely? I love it…..but I must say no. 🙁

ysl leopard print cabas bag

Should I of bought it? Or was I right choosing against a bag that will one day be hairless?

Claire xx

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Shopaholic July 26, 2012 - 12:10 am

This bag caught my eyes as well… It’s gorgeous…I have a pony skin leopard print Jimmy Choo and I think I scraped it against the wall or maybe it was rubbing against jeans and it has a bold patch at the inner side… Not great thing to happen, I was suffering deeply because of that but now I got over it and it’s ok. So just be very very careful with it.

Tas July 28, 2012 - 5:39 pm

I think you made the right choice. In this economic climate- I have to literally love a bag and think about it non stop and be sure it will last me for a loooong time in order for me to buy it.


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