Say No To Crochet In The Desert

by Claire Chanelle

coachella style

Coachella post is finally here! My god I really did take my time and probably the latest Coachella post ever. Better late than never.

This was one of my favourite outfits I packed for Coachella but quite frankly it was a nightmare from start to finish, firstly I ordered a small (last one left) and ideally needed a medium, I am still lying to myself I am a small when clearly it is evident I no longer have the body I had when I was 21. I had to pay a custom charge because I bought it from Nasty Gal which also meant the shipping was expensive. When I opened the package I was so pleased because the quality was really good. However it all went downhill when I tried it on, my poor Paris has the pressure of doing up the zip and then breaking the news it just is not going to fit. I’ve done it up; yay but could not breathe and no longer could see my boobs; nay! I then paid another £50 to have it completely altered and to search for matching crochet, but is was going to be worth it when I show my stuff at Coachella. Did that happen erm NO.

festival style

crochet dress

festival look

mirrored ray bans

lace dress

coachella 2013

See the green under skirt is just below my bum!

givenchy mini knightingale

summer dress

festival fashion

top ten fashion blog

I was really happy with my Coleen Isabel Marant boots, they were hot but I still loved them. They went with everything I wore and I will be wearing them all year.

coleen isabel marant boots

Now when I say sweating I mean literally my legs were sweating, the heat in Palm Springs is like no other. I am from a cold country and really was not practical about packing for the desert. Was a long sleeved crochet, double layered, high neck dress appropriate? Well I will tell you no it was not! We took these photos so I could at least show you the dress but I changed as soon as possible and wore denim shorts and a t shirt I packed for the plane! So some advice whilst packing for Coachella 2014 think “desert”! The dress still does not fit the under skirt is too short for me, but one day I WILL loose a few pounds and wear it again.

So Coachella how was it? I always try not to get my hopes up about anything but how can you not get excited for Coachella?! I enjoy festivals but I am not a hardcore follower of them. I LOVED Coachella so so much, it is huge and the atmosphere was incredible. The organisation was perfect, there are no queues for the toilets or for the bar, anyone that attends any British festivals queuing is a nightmare. I think secluding the bars off to under 21s is an amazing idea. I definitely saw drunk people but nothing major or stupid. No one was foaming out of their mouth and there was no trouble. I was so impressed with the organisation. I literally saw people picking up cigarette butts, the floor was spotless.

In my next post I will talk more about the music, what people were wearing, hotels nearby and all the tips I can suggest for anyone who wants to go next year. Who will be going next year?

Has anyone seen The Great Gatsby yet? I am a film addict and loved this film, my favourite era is the 1920s so I knew it would be amazing. The costumes were soooo good, I was in love with the engagement ring worn by Daisy as it’s very similar to mine. I am listening to the soundtrack now and would recommend you to download it.

I am wearing: Nasty Gal dress, Ray Ban sunglasses,

Isabel Marant Coleen boots with Givenchy Mini Knightingale.

Claire xx

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Stylavie May 29, 2013 - 8:52 am

Love the boots, they look real comfy!

Great Gatsby was amazing, and the costumes… even better!

Jovana Miljanovic June 2, 2013 - 2:36 pm

Love the combo!


M A R T A June 3, 2013 - 7:03 pm

AMAZING photos love the location!


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