Side Slit Compulsion

by Claire Chanelle
denim balmain jacket

black chanel boy bag gold hardware side slit knitted top

denim balmain jacket

waterfall braid blonde hair flare denim asos jeans black chanel boy bag with gold hardware

If you are one of my readers who visit my blog often you will know how I become obsessed with stuff. This month I have taken up a side slit compulsion; this means anything with a side slit I buy! So far all my tops have one slit but I found this very dramatic double slit knitted piece, the slits are really high too. I think this would look nice with a black tight skirt for the evening so it’s a piece I can wear again and again. This slitted piece is one of five I have bought this week, but I was still semi good as they are all from inexpensive brands or in the sale, so it’s allowed right?

Im still wearing my super flares and denim on denim with my go to jacket. As you know from before the jeans are fairly reasonably priced, the top is really cheap, you cant see my shoes so doesn’t even matter which shoes I am wearing so it just shows you can budget on your outfit and repeatedly wear an expensive jacket to finish the look. This jacket was expensive but it makes every outfit and “cost per wear” it’s a great investment.

You will be seeing some new Chanel purchases this week as the new collection has launched and I can not resist. I knew what was coming so I have been working hard and saving to ensure I can afford the things I want. I have ordered some new shoes and I am still waiting for my Christmas present from Paris, so I have lots to share with you this month. I am thinking of showing you my new buys via a Youtube video, what do you think? It’s kinda daunting for me to do a video but if you would like to see videos I can give it a try.


P.S My waterfall braid was done by Koko at Joes salons on Sloane Ave.

 BALMAIN Denim Jacket Similar HERE 

Super Flares 

Double Slit Knitted Top

CHANEL Boy Bag Similar HERE 

CHANEL Glasses 

Sophia Webster Shoes 

CC xx

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