Summer Dunagree’s and Peonies

by Claire Chanelle

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I love wearing dungaree’s and I know some of you have noticed and requested a dungaree post of variations of styles. When I am back from France I will dedicate a post to dungarees and all the colours and styles I recommend. For now I want to share some short dungarees that are so perfect; the colour, the fit and the length.

These dungaree’s are from the high street so they are affordable for most and really good value for money. I also love wearing dungaree’s travelling as it’s a good option if you want to wear denim because the waistline is loose.

My new tote bag by Victoria Beckham is also perfect for travelling as it holds so so much. The quality is really good so it’s strong enough to hold a heavy weight. These bags are heavy and it makes my arm ache but they are not as heavy as when they first came out and I would prefer to have a heavy good quality bag that can hold (all the stuff I probably don’t need inside) then break after a week. These bags are also perfect for work or a nice baby bag. You don’t have to have an ugly baby bag just because you are now a mum, you can still choose a tote like this. With that said let’s see if I still agree with what I am saying when I have a baby.

You can buy all the items in the credits below.

If anyone comes across they Stylist Magazine today take a look because I will be featured in it. Or you can click here and find me on the digital app. Please vote for me 🙂

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