The Theory

by Claire Chanelle

As you know from one of my recent posts Balmain is one of my favourite brands. I often explain to you how I feel that buying into designer accessories is better than buying into designer clothes. I still stand by this if it is a case of one or the other. However I do say that I will buy luxury brands when the item is worth my while. For example if a dress is £600 and I wear it seven times this is like me buying a high street dress for £85 and wearing it once. The designer option is better for so many reasons. Firstly the designer dress will make you feel good. It will feel better because the quality is better, it will fit better because more work has gone into the production, is more likely NOT made in China. There will also be less chance of someone else wearing the same thing. Basically you will just feel better because it is expensive. It will give you confidence and that is key.

I believe in spending the extra money on classic items such as tailored jackets, suits, black dresses and items in you favourite colours.

When I found this Balman jacket I knew it was the one! It fits me perfectly, I love the big gold button’s, and I love the fact the shoulders are not padded or exaggerated. This is a look I like but not for something that is basically £2,600 and getting board of it is not an option. How many times would I wear this to make it worth while? I would say fifty times. If I wore this jacket fifty times it would be the same as a Zara jacket priced at £52. That is a good deal. Not only is this jacket a jacket it is also a dress. Therefore I would wear it as a dress probably twenty times. In conclusion this jacket is a bargain. It will make me feel good, it will look good and it is a bargain. I have sold this to myself.

Everyone needs a classic back tailored jacket. Do you agree with my theory? If you ever come to the point where you are at the till or about to click the “pay now” button on you’re favourite on line store. Just use my calculation method to help you decide how many times you will wear the item and compare that to a high street brand. What would you prefer; a Zara jacket priced at £100 that a million other girls are wearing. Or a Balmian jacket you will cherish and feel amazing in even after the 100th time you have worn it?

velvet jacket

Last week I bought this Zara velvet jacket (see above photo) for £120. I think I will wear that jacket 30 times. Not forgetting I will feel completely average. I wore it our for dinner and another girl had it on MY WORST NIGHTMARE!! If I had the Balmaim jacket dress I would wear this…..lets say 80 times (because I would.) When I wore it I would feel good and there is slim chance another girl will have it on. Now let’s do the maths:

Zara jacket – £120 worn 30 times – 120/30= 4 The Zara jacket is £4

Balmain jacket – £2500 worn 80 times – 2500/80 = 31.25 The Balmain jacket is £31.25

When comparing Zara to Balmain £31.25 is nothing. I am going to go with the Blamain in a heart beat. For the £27.25 difference I would pay that to own Balmain, an item that is a dress and a jacket, will make me feel a million dollars, no one will have the dress on during my night out and I will cherish it. I have just done the maths and you can see it in black and white the Balmain is £31.25 BARGAIN.

Balmain jacket

Balmain dress jacket double breasted

What do you think? The sales assistant handed me over some black patent YSL shoes to try on with the dress. I have seen these shoes a thousands times and they have never bothered me UNTIL that day. They were so comfy and made my legs look better then normal. They will go with everything and I have decided I 100% need a pair. Don’t you agree?

balmain dress jacket

I would also like to thank Fashion Climaxx for featuring me on their site. I was very pleased when I saw 4468 likes!

fashion climaxx

Chanelle xx

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nadja November 22, 2012 - 10:34 am

predivno 🙂

Shopaholic November 22, 2012 - 5:46 pm

I like your thinking process but I can totally agree! I bought a fur jacket though from Topshop and saw 2 girls wearing it in a week. We exchanged knowing smiles. 🙂 It didn’t really bother me too much. Any excuse to justify 2500 expense is good 🙂

Bekki November 22, 2012 - 10:17 pm

I love make yourself feel better theories…I have a lot of these when shopping!

Lauren Matthews November 23, 2012 - 12:47 pm

This is my kind of maths! Love this theory, going to use it to justify my spending! X

Rebecca January 27, 2013 - 10:14 am

I’ve just discovered your blog, its a good read 🙂 Whilst I agree and always buy designer where I can I have to say speaking from experience in fashion that being made in China is not the horrible process people assume. The factories luxury brands use in China are clean and every bit, if not more, advanced than those in Europe, the work force is skilled and professional. Often leathers and fabrics come from Europe to China, are crafted in China and then sent to a small village in Italy to have the branding sewn in thus earning the title ‘Made in Italy’ Everything is totally not what it seems.

Chouquette January 27, 2013 - 12:25 pm

I think you have made a valid point! From my experience in fashion no one wants “made in China” Recently I had a meeting with Phillip Lim. All of his products are made in China. When we asked them why? They said “why not. We use the best factories in China and all our fabrics and leathers are from Italy.” On top of this I am researching having a product made and it seem China ( using a good quality factory) is the best option!
Therefore I do agree with your comment.


adele March 15, 2016 - 10:03 pm

my new years resolution was to buy less & spend more – and i love it! for years i have bought say x20 jackets when i only need x4 really good quality jackets. i really like this new method as it really makes me think before buying cheap crap.
cant wait for you tube…
adele (@adelesgram)

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