Tribal Fabulousness

by Claire Chanelle

coachella style

This is the outfit I wore to Coachella the day I was meant to wear the crochet dress. Thank god I shoved my necklace in there last minute. Does anyone else ever finish packing their suitcase and then squeeze a few last minute panic items in quick?

tribal necklace multi colour

summer style

hippy girl

bohemian style

statement necklace

colourful necklace

neon necklace

Phillip lim pashley satchel

style diary

summer style

tribal necklace

statement necklace

multi colour necklace

festival outfit

(Professional cameras are not allowed in the festival so these are all photos from my iPhone.)

I came across this necklace at a time when I had NO money at all I was on strict orders not to buy a thing and no access to any money. I found it at Portobello market in Notting hill, London. I have been shopping there for the last ten years and if I am honest it really has gone down hill, it is so disappointing to see the stools full of cheap factory clothes that are all the same or fake Chanel bags! Even three years ago this used to be a place for up and coming designers and quirky hand made pieces, it’s just not like this anymore. However you can still find the odd amazing purchase. A year of colourful statement jewellery is trending in the form of Shourouk and Mawi (my total fave jewellery brand.)

The necklace is hand made and one of a kind, it has a tribal theme which is not normally my style but I loved the bright colours. When I asked for the price I was shocked… £195 I thought it was a bit much, as it is just fabric and some beads at the end of the day. So I passed. Three minutes later I panicked that it had gone and went back, the girl would not take a penny less than £195. So I took her card and off I went. That night I could not sleep all I could think of was the necklace. So I called her the next day and went and bought it! I borrowed money off my mum which I think took me about six months to pay her back, yes I am 27 and still shamefully borrow money off my parents for EMERGENCIES. When you compare how much the Shourouk pieces are it’s a good price and at least mine is one of a kind.

I had my first Burberry show for fashion week coming up so I decided to save it for that and never wore it again. It was a good choice to pack it for LA because it really was too hot in Palm Springs and this really transformed a simple shorts and tee into an amazing outfit.

I am wearing: Portobello road hand made necklace,

One Teaspoon shorts, Zara tee, Isabel Marant coleen boots and Ray Ban sunnies.

Claire xx

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