Truck Chic

by Claire Chanelle

summer style

This was one of my favourite photo shoot session I have done, when I talk about photo shoots they really are no longer then ten minutes long; snap snap then off, so hardly a proper photo shoot. During our road trip from LA to Palm Springs the entire journey was full of the best scenery and  perfect spots for photos. I am so jealous of bloggers that live in hot countries, not only can you wear better outfits than me in gloomy London but the natural light makes all the photos look amazing, especially I have a non professional camera man (Paris.)

I kept asking Paris to stop and take photos but he wouldn’t however when we saw two random trucks in the desert I had to stop. I really wanted to jump all over them but was too scared I would set some alarm off or there would be a scary trucker inside asleep.

The top I am wearing is by Haute Hippie, I bought it in the sale two years ago and I adore it. The problem I have is what bra do I wear underneath because I am a DD 🙁 So for all you girls out there who can wear tops with no bra I am SUPER jealous you do not know how lucky you are. I had my bikini on because I left straight from the pool in Bel Air, but this gave me an idea to wear in the future quirky bras or crop tops under backless tops. I can not stand transparent bras, or bras you can see so this is my only option and I think here it works well. However I can not walk around with a bikini top in London, so I will keep a look out for nice bras and do a post on different options.

blonde model

vintage leather waistcoat

orange mirror ray-bans

leather waistcoat

givenchy knightingale

chouquette fashion blog

one teaspoon shorts

Isabel Marant Coleen boots

haute hippie

bohemian style

lace denim shorts

I am wearing: Haute Hippie top, One Teaspoon shorts,

Vintage waistcoat, Isabel Marant Coleen boots,

Tissot watch, Ray Ban sunnies and

mini Givenchy Knightingale.

Claire xx

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M A R T A June 29, 2013 - 6:01 am

Beautiful photos! Love the top!


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