Waist Trainer For Legs & Bums

by Claire Chanelle


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Other jeans I have worn recently that clearly do not hold me in as well:



noughts and crosses bobble hat

So you’ve heard about the waist trainer but have you heard about the leg trainer’s?


River Island have come up with a pair os shocking jeans that suck you in and shape you just like the waist trainer does, it’s basically a leg corset! If you read my blog and follow my instagram you will know what I look like in a pair of jeans and surely you can see the difference. I have included some very recent images of me wearing jeans and when I mean recent I mean in the same week and also last month. You can see for your selves the difference these jeans had made. I am blown away with how flattering they are and the fact they really do what they say and for £40.

When my jeans arrived (size 8) I thought I had been sent a child’s pair of jeans and thought no way will these fit me. It brought back bad memories from the week before when I tried to put on my “skinny” goal jeans and they did not reach passed by knees. I gave them ago because they felt stretchy. I will be honest they took me a few minutes longer to put on compared to my usual jeans but then again these days all my jeans take my a while and involve a few lunges. Unless you go to River Island or buy on line to try them you will not even come close to realising what these jeans can do for you. To me they look like I am wearing jeggings so I look super slim and toned. The truth is it’s the jeans and the genius fabric the design team have found.

The jeans feel tight but of course that’s obvious but I didn’t feel them too uncomfortable to wear all day because the fabric is so stretchy. I wore these all day shopping and I even went for lunch. I felt super sexy and confident wearing these jeans and everyone I saw that day commented on my weight and said “have you lost weight”. I wore the jeans with a crop top too because the waist line is high, so this also sucks in your waist. The crop top was loose and this create an allusion I was slimmer than I actually am. My chubby tummy was all sucked in by the high waisted jeans and the floaty crop top covered any over hang! This is truly the best outfit I have worn in a long time; it gave me confidence, slimmed me down, made me sexy and from the photos they clearly made me look slimmer as well as feeling good. I can not recommend these jeans enough and I promise you you will thank me after you have bought a pair 🙂

Going back to the top that is also River Island, this is a must have. I have been an off the shoulder collector since senior school and quite frustrated it’s a “trend” now and everyone is wearing them, but at least I am a pro at finding the good ones. Off the shoulder is flattering on the majority of people unless you have extremely broad shoulders. I try to find the ones with the added on arm strap like my Free People one here. I also loved the backless feature which is similar to my Style Stalker one here that Paris calls the “belly skirt”. I really hope the jeans will be introduce in more colours. I heard the jeans were coming out in more colours so fingers crossed. I have just seen that the top is out in blush pink and I bought it straight away before it sells out, Click here to buy the pink.

AMELIE JEANS  I’m wearing size UK 8





Photos by Emma Hill  

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