What To Pack: Dallas in April + rS The Con

by Claire Chanelle


Today’s article is all about what to pack for Dallas in April or maybe you are lucky to attend the conference next year. Well it’s not about attending if you are lucky, you will need to work for the invite but you know what I mean right?

I had one big freak out in Dallas, I get really insecure sometimes and this all stems back to when I was at school. I don’t know what the hell happened and not sure what really went on because I was never outcasted or “bullied” but there sure was bitchiness at my school. It’s taken me to get to my age to not care at all about these people. As I am writing this I am pretty certain that one of two of the girls I am thinking of will reading this article, I know who follows my social media and to be honest it’s a fab feeling to know these girls now read my blog and try to be friends with me. Moral of this paragraph….

The best way to get back at bitchiness or bullying is to strive in life, do well and use them to help push you.

That is what I did, so I think it works. I had a few people at school that were nasty to me because of where I grew up. Now my lifestyle is better than theres (if we are basing this on why they were bitchy to me) and that is what you call karma. This is where my strong ambition stems from but also where my insecurities come from. The reason why this is relevant to my “what to pack for Dallas” is because even I get freak outs, I had four suitcases for a four week trip and I still felt like I didn’t have anything to wear. I thought Emma was gonna kill me one night because I couldn’t decide on an outfit. She was actually pretty calm and just left me to it and waited patiently. I ended up stealing her jeans TWICE, I had all those clothes and kept taking her boyfriend Levi’s. Sometimes I just get myself in a state and I let it get the better of me. I had some amazing outfits but I felt too insecure to wear show stopping outfits and ended up choosing the basic looks. Next year I will learn from my mistakes and just wear what I want.

I got in a state because I felt a bit of pressure. All the girls at the conference were all so nice but being surrounded by successful bloggers all in killer outfits it just made me feel a bit insecure. Sounds silly and I am annoyed with myself now. Next year I will know what to expect and I refuse to be reminded of stupid school days and let it ruin important events in my adult life. Actually even in adult life I still come across nastiness and jealously but 90% I can brush it off. I honestly think Paris is the reason I can brush them off. All I need in life is him, he makes me feel special and I don’t need to impress anyone so who cares. Paris wasn’t with me in Dallas, he went to a ranch (his snapchats were so funny – @iamparisface) so maybe that is why I wasn’t confident.

I am fore sure going in too deep now but I just wanted to share that “fashion bloggers” who have endless amounts of clothes and girls like me who have a wall full of designer bags still get insecure and crack under pressure. I have friends that don’t own one designer bags, have hardly any clothes but yet they always look great and have more confidence than me. It sometimes just boils down to your attitude and confidence.

So what do pack…..

April weather:

The weather was amazing, my favourite kind of weather; warm but you can still wear boots, leather jackets and layers. I could wear a dress and light jacket but then also wear jeans and boots. When I did this shoot it did start raining. Emma captured my face which was me worrying about the rain because I wasn’t finished taking the photos aka blogger problems. This was the only time it rained and other times it was seriously sunny. In the evening it was warm and some nights really humid.

The conference:

I would suggest to pack comfortable clothes because there is nothing worse than feeling uncomfortable or conscious when you are trying to focus on networking or you are having a meeting. I would always prefer to be under dressed than over dressed. I concentrated on packing my favourite accessories and tried to only pack shoes that I could mix and match. I always pack nude and black heels, nude and black flats, trainers to travel in and sometimes one random pair of shoes which in this case was my beloved Elvis shoes. These shoes are the dream, so cheap and comfortable, I absolutely loved wearing them.

I packed quite a few pieces from RAILS. Rails is a brand from LA but you can buy them in the UK, click here. I adore this brand, it’s typical LA because it is causal and has that over sized, tomboy feel which is so me. I can not explain to you how soft all the pieces are. This shirt is the softest cotton I have ever felt. It comes in grey so I can going to order another one in the grey colour. I also have every style tee in every colour and a few sweaters. The quality is so amazing. Packing simple, classic pieces like this was essential for my long trip.

If you are going to the conference pack some statement pieces, like my boots here and my leather jacket here. After all you are dressing to represent your brand and all eyes on you. Pack a evening looks because there are plenty of parties and pack looks that represent your style because you are ultimately there to see your self.

Don’t pack twenty five bags and fifty evening outfits and don’t pack things you wouldn’t wear at home or things you don’t feel comfortable in. Dallas has that city vibe so don’t pack random “holiday stuff.” Remember you are at the heart of Cowboy land so leave room for one or two (I bought three) cow boy boots. I will be showing you the cowboy shops in my YouTube Texas video.

I hope this has helped you organise your suitcase for your next trip or helps you get prepared for a conference. Please leave a comment below (not via Snapchat) if you need to ask me something I haven’t covered here.















Photos by Emma

CC xx

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Emily tiny May 16, 2016 - 4:35 pm

Love this Hun! Your outfit looks effortless, I really like it and it’s very you. I totally know what you mean about insecurities, we all have them though you’re not alone there xxx

Laura May 17, 2016 - 4:24 pm

It’s so good to know that even successful and grown women have insecurities (I have way too many). Thank you for being so honest!

quick snapchat question: Do the givenchy slides run true to size and are they comfortable enough to wear a whole day? want to buy them too, but I could only order them online without trying them on first.


Chouquette May 17, 2016 - 7:42 pm

Thank you for writing the question on here 🙂
I felt the exact same so I waited to try them on in store, couldn’t find them in stock then they all sold out so this time I just went for it. You don’t need to worry because I can tell you how they are.
They fit pretty true to size. I am a size 38.8/39. I went for 39 because I didn’t want any over hang like I have with my Nike ones. I could have def fit in a 38 but I am glad I went for a 39. THEY ARE SUPER COMFY. I have worn them all day and great for pedicure.
I think they have now gone into pre order but still get them before you miss out like I did. The time will fly by and you will keep them in your wardrobe for every summer and wear them in the winter for the pedi run or winter holiday.
Don’t forget the discount code. xx

Sarah May 18, 2016 - 6:12 am

Hi Claire, I am going to Vegas September and as its a city break with Sun, I was just wondering if you would pack similar to your Dallas trip ? x

Chouquette May 18, 2016 - 11:40 am

NO, Vegas is a whole new ball game and the best trip ever when it comes to packing. Packing rules are seperate for Vegas. For now you can search VEGAS in my search tab. I wrote a Vegas girls guide, I have been three times. Sept is the best time to go btw because everyone isn’t so jam packed. Places like Wet Republic are a nightmare in April, Sept was way more fun. I will write a few Vegas tips in my LA guide. xx

Sarah May 18, 2016 - 5:11 pm

Thanks Claire really appreciate it. Also your honesty is a rare quality these days… Keep at it x


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