White on White

by Claire Chanelle
teddy coat

leather skirt


teddy coat


white leather


You have seen this skirt before here and I told you I had a white version, well this is it! I love the look of white on white but I am one of those people that can not be trusted in a pair of white jeans so I discovered white leather is perfect because I can wipe off any stains or even tip ex, remember this?!

This skirt is perfect for winter or summer and its so versatile. Ideally I planned to wear heels with this look and not booties but it was too icy so I had to wear my boots. These boots were expensive but toally worth it because they are so comfortable and I can wear them day to night and make everything I wear look amazing, complexity worth the money.

My beloved Hermes Kelly from Whispersales is one of my favourite bags it is so chic and timeless. Did you know the Kelly used to be  known as  Sac à dépêches but it was re named the Kelly because the actress was photographed using the handbag to shield her growing tummy from the paparazzi which made the bag famous from there after. Whispersales is in the process of redesigning their website, I can not wait to see the final result but mean while click here. If you are looking to order a vintage Kelly like this one email, Chelsea Styling works along side Whispersales so they can find you a similar style.


Teddy Coat

Netted Top

White Leather Skirt and Here 

Tom Ford Sunglasses or Similar

Laurence Decade Boots or Similar 

Whispersales Hermes Kelly or Similar Here and Here 

CC xx

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Adele April 24, 2014 - 7:47 am

I’m a huge fan of all white looks – beautifully styled. I’m so gutted these skirts are all sold out, I tried to get one the 1st time you posted about them but alas no luck!
Hugs xoxo


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