3 Shades Of Blue

by Claire Chanelle

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I finally wore my Acne jacket. I wore it for approximately half hour due to the horrendous British rain. I could not possibly ruin the suede could I darlings?

Tonight I am going to an event that involves Venetian masks. I have always wanted to wear one. I have been so  busy I totally forgot to buy a mask! Therefore I had to rush out this morning and buy one. Thank god I found an amazing shop in Olympia.

balenciaga purse balenciaga bag acne jacket one teaspoon pants asos shoes

grey balancing purse balenciaga bag ripped jeans ripped pants acne jacket

ripped pants ripped jeans one teaspoon fashion blog

balenciaga purse balenciaga bag

I have not shared my Balenciaga with you yet. This bag was my first designer bag and I love her as much as I did all those years ago when I  bought her. She is looking a bit grubby these days so maybe it is time for a newer Balenciaga to feel her shoes.

venetian mask

venetian mask fashion blog

venetian masks

I am wearing: Acne suede jacket, Topman white tee, One Teaspoon ripped denim, Asos grey and white sandals with Balenciaga grey bag.

Claire xx

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