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If you follow my instagram you will know I spent the weekend in Liverpool. I love this city because it reminds me of Essex, the girls are really glamorous just like Essex girls but they have their own look which I love. I also make sure I get my eyebrows and make up done when I visit, trust me the scouse brow isn’t so bad when it is done properly.  I also go for brunch at Moose coffee, the eggs and pancakes are so good. I stayed at The Richmond Hotel on Hatton Garden. I wouldn’t say it was a horrible but I wouldn’t recommend it. We were given a tiny room and had to complain to be given a nicer room. The interior got an A for effort in some rooms but it was a bit tacky and didn’t match the corridors which needed a good paint; some rooms were modern French chic but the next room was old and traditional. Our new room was quite nice but the shower was broken. The restaurant had no atmosphere at all and the service was slow, for example they gave us bread after we had finished our soup. The spa was also disappointing , it was across the road and wasn’t as nice as the photos on their website. There were only two small hot tubs and both were warm not hot. Over all it was it was not a great stay. I will be visiting Liverpool again in a few weeks, hopefully I will try another hotel and have a better recommendation.

The reason I was in Liverpool is because I am working on a project with Francesca Couture. Francesca Couture is a really girly brand which I like but I am going to be wearing her collection in my tomboyish way and showing you how pieces can mix and match with your own wardrobe. We also will be collaborating on a little project which I can’t wait to reveal to you later.

On another note I was visiting Francesca and her team for an entire separate project; my wedding dress! As you know from my trip to Israel I came home with fabric and creating my own gown (which is most defiantly inspired from a few designs I saw) but since I have been back I have struggled to find a talented buy cialis from canada seamstress that can put it all together. I started to panic over the passed few weeks because I bought all this fabric, spent all this money but can’t find anyone to make it and now I was running out of time. I suddenly remembered Francesca Couture and it seemed fait that I would working on this project. I took all the fabric with me and wanted to meet the seamstress before we decided to go ahead. After meeting Sheila I felt comfortable with leaving my wedding fabric with her. Sheila you have a lot of pressure to put my dreams into reality 🙂

Now for my new bag. I have debating on buying a mini Antigona for a while, I have the big one in black that I am sure you have seen many times before (click HERE if not) and I use it all the time and really recommend this bag. My Antigona is the only big bag I own so I thought it would be more practical to buy another large size and when I saw the lilac I didn’t think twice, it was the perfect colour, I just couldn’t decide between the large or mini. I decided on the mini for two reasons; 1. I love small bags because I end up over loading big  ones and they are too heavy. 2. The price paid a big part for me, I loved them equally the same so why choose the more expensive one. After using it all weekend I am even more pleased with it; it fits more than any of my Chanel bags and was easy to carry. I would have preferred the grain leather as opposed to the shiny leather but now i have the shiny I like it and it is not as delicate as I feared.

My bomber is sooooo amazing, it was one of those things I saw and had to have. It was freezing in Liverpool but this kept me warm. I wore it in the evening wearing all black and my Sophia Webster shoes, so I think I will be getting a lot of wear out of it.

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Zara Tee

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CC xx

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irena January 26, 2015 - 12:32 pm

Fabulous look!!
Next time please come to Manchester !! I’m dying to meet you
I know this sounds a bit creepy but don’t worry I’m a fashion blogger as well 🙂


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