All White Party – Dallas rS Conference 2016

by Claire Chanelle



This is what I wore for the finalé ‘all white party”. I didn’t take too many photos as it I am still getting the hang of blogging, vlogging and snap chatting all at once but there is plenty of footage in the video.

As soon as I read “all white” I went into a bit of a panic because I never wear all white, it makes me look fat and I can’t be trusted in white. I had nothing! When I go into outfit panics for last minute events and I need to be glam I always contact Francesca Couture. Fran’s team always rescues me and Fran has a similar style to me so she totally understands my frantic whats app messages, although sometimes she saids I make her feel dizzy because I bombard her, oppsy.

I would love to be a designer but for me it’s more of a hobby because I love style and blogging so so much. Designing just isn’t an option for me right now because I do not have the time to achieve all my blogging goals let along launch a collection. Thankfully I have Fran to work with and we work together to create one off pieces. I visualise what I want and she sources the fabrics and makes it literally within two days.

I knew I wanted to wear something super glam for the party so I came up with the idea of this grey lace skirt that had lots of fabric to create a evening look as opposed to a beachy maxi skirt. I really want Fran to make me another one with the front open like the second photo, I think that would work better for dancing and show off my shoes more. The skirt was still amazing and I just held the skirt when I danced.  I also had a really similar one made in black.

The lace that Fran used was absolutely perfect, quite thick, strong pattern and the perfect grey.

I am so lucky to have them. I don’t trust anyone else to tailor my clothes or to make me dresses for events. If you have a dress in mind that you can’t find in the shops just send Francesca Couture photos or email them ideas and I am sure they can make your ideas come to life.

I didn’t want to wear a dressy top because I didn’t want to look like a bride so I chose an over sized shirt to “boy” it up a bit. Do you think it worked?

This was the first time I had used my new off white doc croc Saint Laurent bag. I love the colour of this bad and I love doc croc. This is the perfect bag to suit all my looks, it was such a great buy. Click here to buy. My shoes are my go to nude shoes, they are the best investment buy when it comes to Designer shoes. I have terrible pain in my feet so most heels are unbearable for me. These shoes are one of a handful of heels that I can wear because they are really comfortable. Click here to buy.

Also the website I just linked it offering a promotion:

10% off orders > 300 £
15% off ordersi > 500 £
20% off orders > 1000 £
30% off orders > 2000 £Valid today until the 19th of May 23:59 GMT







CC xx

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Sallyann May 18, 2016 - 5:57 pm

Omg I love lace….. T this skirt is fab…. And with a shirt …. I loved Sharon stone years ago in a white shirt and evening skirt.. Fab… Great individual look ……. Big love Sally


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