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These are the phone snaps I took at the Stella McCartney event “Style With Stella” at Harvey Nichols at the end of last year. I did not have my SLR on me so please excuse the phone snaps and the very little selection; I was so engrossed in the interview I did not want to spend my time taking photos.

I was so excited for this event as Stella McCartney is a brand I wear and really love so having the opportunity to meet her was so exciting for me. I honestly thought I would be lucky if I managed to catch a photo with Stella but the night could not of gone any better. When you think of meeting someone as huge as Stella McCartney what do you hope to expect? I have heard positive rumours about Stella that she is down to earth and friendly but at the end of the day Stella is still a world wide successful womenswear designer who lunches with the likes of Kate and Gwyneth so I was still apprehensive how she would be and realised she is not like me and I would soon be reminded of the super star in the room.

On arrival we was greeted by champagne and a tour of the SS14 collection. My favourites were the white motive jumper and crazy clutch (my favourite pieces changed by the end of the night.) I was blown away literally blown away by the warmness of the entire Stella McCartney team, from the PR girls, to the design team to the director of accounts, everyone was chatty, friendly and most important to me sincere, everyone generally wanted to talk to everyone. I was so excited to be in the same room as Stella I could not really relax until she entered the room. What happened next made me so happy….

Stella walked into the room (first photo) in a superb yellow, oversized coat with not only the biggest smile and bright blue eyes but looking straight at me! Stella done a full 360′ looking bewildered what to do and walked in my direction, at this point I said to myself “she’s coming towards you, omg is she going to come to me” and yes she came to me. After a second of realisation Stella was standing in front of me smiling, I offered to shake her hand and in my relief she shook it back. Conversation flowed for a good ten minutes chatting about her children, my blog, her favourite pieces, her inspiration behind the collection and I asked her to tell me more about the Beckett bag. She said the Beckett bag was named after son and laughed how she is worried that if it flops her son will be offended, already this tells you what kind of woman Stella McCartney is; she was more concerned that if the bag does not sell her son will be affected lasix furosemide buy online because it was named after him. One factor about the Beckett bag I never knew was that the entire design purpose was to focus on the environment (the brands concerns do not just stop at the use of animal leather) and distribution. I know from working at Harrods when we had a delivery of handbags the packaging is HUGE and there are a lot of boxes, sometimes brands would pack four bags into one gigantic box. But fear not Stella McCartney Beckett bags are flat packed!! Not only does this help with the packing issues for stores and for owners when traveling but it also means the bag can be used as clutch. Click here to see the current Beckett collection and click here to see my favourite colour.

I was so honoured when Stella picked me out to try on a few of her key pieces and explain her thought process when designing. I usually always go straight to the jackets when choosing ready to wear but I am so in love with the  Alina Python dress I tried on, it felt great, fit like a glove and I discovered this silhouette suits me so much because it shows my best bits and hides my horrid bits. I also LOVE how Stella loves a pocket or two 😉 I like pockets because I never know what to do with my hands and it just feels comfortable. Click here to see the  Alina Python Jacquard dress I tried, I tired a size 6 which shockingly fit well but I think I would buy an 8 if I was lucky enough to own this dress. The best element I love about the brand and I noticed Stella mentioned in the interview was her main focus designing was the fact she thinks of real women, mums, career women and all body types. Therefore her designs are flattering to the natural body types, when I say natural I mean her looks suit non models as well as models of course.

I found my self brave enough to stand up during the interview and ask a question. I asked “who do you like seeing wearing your clothes” Stella did not answer she likes a particular celebrity wearing her deigns but she loves seeing women on the street wearing her brand. She even gave an example of picking her kids up at school and seeing the mums carrying her bags….. See what I mean, I love her!

Click HERE to watch the full video of the event held at Harvey Nichols. Ok so excuse my face I am not one to look great on film but you can see how natural I am chatting away to Stella and the team. I also think it is better for you to listen to the designer her self describe how she feels about her collection rather then me re write her words.

CC xx

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Adele February 4, 2014 - 8:07 am

This must have been such an amazing, unforgettable experience! I adore the snake print dress you wore, she really has nailed dresses for Ss14.
Hugs xoxo


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