Denim Days

by Claire Chanelle













Denim days stand for days when we shove on a pair of denim pants or shorts for day to day life. What’s in important is what you wear it with.

Accessories are always my priority, I can wear jeans and a tee everyday but change the look with my accessories. Splurging out on an Hermes cuff is something I have been putting off for a few years, the price keeps on increasing and I am becoming further and further away from owning one. Of course me being me I want the XL size which is the most expensive Clic Clac! Every time I decide to take the Clic Clac plunge the one I want is never in stock. This is wear Whispersales come to play. These girls can get pretty much source anything regarding Hermes, new, used and vintage. Not only did I get my Clic Clac brand new and stress free the price was £500!! The XL cuffs sell for around £900 in the UK and £800 in France, now and again Whispersales will lower their price if they got a good deal or want to attract new customers. Follow their instagram @whispersales or visit the site and watch out for their new stock.

I can’t stress enough how every girls needs to own a pair of One Teaspoon denim shorts!! They are the best ever, click HERE AND HERE TO BUY.

My Celine Phantom is a never ending bag that fits everything. I am lusting for this baby blue one and think it will be my next bag seeing as the baby blue Birkin is totes out of reach right now 🙁 but one day 😉

I will never get tired of this leather jacket, it will last a life time and one of my best buys!

Kate Moss For Topshop Leather Jacket UK HERE US HERE Similar HERE HERE

One teaspoon Denim Short  HERE HERE Similar HERE

Lace Cami Similar HERE

Celine Phantom Similar HERE

CHANEL Shoes Similar HERE And HERE

Tom Ford Sunglasses 

Whispersales Hermes Clic Clac XL HERE HERE HERE HERE

CC xx

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The Provoker June 20, 2014 - 11:10 pm

Chelsea is your perfect backdrop, isn’t it? The hair is looking great and love your celine tote!

xx The Provoker


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