Harrods Sale

by Claire Chanelle
harrods sale

THE BALMAIN OMG where do I start. Lets start with how much I hate sales; I feel pressured to buy, its too busy and I get anxiety. For me I like the luxury experience when I buy something (all part of my shopaholism as Paris calls it) sometimes I would rather pay the extra and buy it before the sales. This is all changed last Christmas when I tried the Harrods sale for the first time 🙂 I found a Balmain jacket I had wanted all year; a classic black tailored one which you can see HERE. I booked a 10% day on my rewards card, redeemed £300 and bought the jacket for £300, that is £1000 off retail. SO the following year I wanted to see if I could grab another designer bargain. I had my 10% day booked already and had £300 again on my rewards card after spending the rest . This mint Balmain dream started 46 weeks ago when this jacket was first on the Harrods shop floor (see instragram photo) it then went into the sale and I questioned buying it but because the original price was around £6k-£7k the sale price was the price of a usual Balmain and it was far too expensive and damaged on the shoulders. I heard a few weeks ago that the jacket didn’t sell and it was coming back into the sale again. Damaged from sitting in the stock rooms and surviving two sales means the price would drop a lot. As you may or may not know Harrods sale starts a few days before Christmas so I went everyday to check and was calling everyday from Mexico to see where it was, apparently it was sold last sale but I kept my hopes up.


My anxiety started before I even left my house on the 26th because I was jet lagged from Mexico and woke up two hours after the sale opened. I went straight to Balmain and there was nothing I wanted and no mint jacket. I then had a look around bought a few things for Paris then tried one last time at Balmain. I asked a supervisor about the mystery mint jacket and her words were “follow me” imagine my excitement. The sales assistant recognised me and knew I loved Balmain, pastels and said I bought all the cool sale stuff. She had priced the jacket and was just about to put it on the shop floor. The hanger said size 14 but I didn’t even care I just said I will take it. We got to the till and it was £499!!!!!! I bought a Balmain tshirt an hour before and had £100 left on my rewards so I PAID £300 FOR A £7K BALMAIN LEATHER GOLD ENCRUSTED JACKET and got a £450 Balmain top free from the points I redeemed. If you look closely the detail is beyond; laser cut leather, so much gold hard wear and it is so heavy, I simply can not believe I paid so little for such an amazing piece. The cherry on the top was when I got home it was actually a size 10 and not a 14. The shoulders are discoloured but this would happen anyway. I paid full price for my baby pink Balmain leather and this too has discoloured. I am super happy with my Harrods Sale purchase, I feel my years of Harrods loyalty was paid off the day I bought this jacket. There is only one sale and that is defiantly the Harrods sale. Just linking this jacket for you reminded me of the price. The retail is £7060 and the sale price is £4942 for the white colour which you can buy HERE. I have found some similar jackets HERE HERE HERE

My flares are by Blank you can buy them HERE, they remind me of the bootcut style I used to wear as a teenager. Its so nice to not wear skinny jeans and flares are extremely flattering; they make you look taller. I also have them in black HERE.

In my previous post I told you about my fluffy bags. After testing out all of the them my Miss Selfridge two are my favourite, it was also meant to be (the jacket) as my MS fluffy bag is the same minty colour. The MS bags are the fluffiest, slightly bigger so they are more practical and the chain is the most durable.

For those of you that do not know what I mean when I refer to my Harrods Rewards; The Harrods card works like a Boots card it is not a store credit card. For ever pound you spend you receive a point and these point can be redeemed around May time. The more you spend the more benefits you get back. The tiers start from green – dark green – gold and then black. Gold and black can book 10% days and have more benefits like redeeming cash back at any time all year round. The next time you buy anything whether it is All Saints, beauty products or a Chanel bag buy them at Harrods and start collecting your points because at the end of the years you will be able to buy something for free like me. If you live outside the UK you can still use the card online.

I have included some iPhone snaps here too so you can see the new Chanel concession in Harrods that will be opening at the end of January, the new first floor looks incredible. I also would like you opinion on the violet/silver WOC…..yay or nay?!

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Balmain Jacket Budget HERE and HERE

ASOS Jeans Black HERE

Miss Selfridge Bag Similar HERE

Nought & Kisses Hat 

CC xx

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