Houston Texas – What Can You Fit Inside A Mustang Convertible?

by Claire Chanelle


Where we stayed in Houston

Our last stop in Texas was Houston. I really loved Houston and it was my favourite place to visit in Texas. Dallas seemed amazing but due to the conference we were too busy to actually explore. Houston seemed to be the most similar to LA, I can’t help it I love LA. The shops were glamorous, the roads were wide and pretty and I just loved being there. Apparently where we stayed in River Oaks is the wealthiest part of Houston and that is why it was so glam with high end stores. “River Oaks” even sounded rich to me so I am sure it’s a lovely place to live.

I recommend visiting the River Oaks shopping district. Here you can find all the high end stores, a cinema and Equinox. You will find Stella McCarney (we even saw Stella her self there) Dior and Hermes. There is also a shopping mall which is less than ten minutes drive away called Galleria and this is where you can find CHANEL. Yep I know where every CHANEL is in every place I visit 🙂

We stayed at “Hotel Granduca” which was arrange by KENSINGTON & PEARL Luxury Travel. This was located five minutes drive from all the shops and opposite a nice restaurant where we ate at on our last night. For more information about our road trip contact Kensington & Pearl.

My Look

This is what I wore for a day shopping in Houston. The weather was warm but we went out in the early evening. These pom pom sandals were my go to shoes for the entire trip, they are so comfortable and eye catching. Two readers told me that you ordered these shoes and they were not the same colour pom poms as mine. If you click here you will see where I bought mine and get the exact same ones. I hope that the website I have linked sends you the same colours as the ones I have. 

My blazer was a great item to pack, when I needed a little bit of luxury to transform an outfit I can alway rely on this jacket. Tomorrow I will publish my other look from Houston and both days I wore the same Balmain jacket. This was a casual style but tomorrows look will be more dressy, these jackets are so versatile.

My ripped jeans are my fave denim brand and they are so well made, the perfect colours and the perfect fit. Click here to shop.










I have had so many questions asking how many bags could we fit in the Mustang. Okay so the answers to this is ALOT. I was surprised how much we squeezed in and even  more surprised that some of you thought you couldn’t even fit a single suitcase in the back. Hopefully this article will help a lot of you that think this car doesn’t fit much in the boots.

We fit three adults an the following luggage:

  • 3 extra large suitcase yes three extra large cases.
  • 1 medium suitcase
  • 3 hand luggages
  • Lots of random chunk, spare pairs of shoes and total random bits you gather on a road trip

You can see that this car fits a lot and there was three of us also sitting in the car. Emma and I both had to sit in the back because the front seat had two suitcases, one extra large and one medium. The boot could fit one extra large and one medium suit case, one carry on suitcase plus the extra little bits. So there were lot’s of squeezing but we drove for hours like this and it was totally fine. If there is two of you then you can fit two suitcases and a carry ons in the boot. If you still need more room then you can use the back seat and still have the roof down. I absolutely do not see any problem having this car and not having lots of luggage. We have used this same car for our LA road trip and our Cali road trip two years ago and I always have a lot of bags. One tip I have for you is to run from the baggage collection to the car hire place. Most of the people on your flight will probably be hiring a car and there will also be other flights landing. Another important trip is in America they don’t let you choose the car (colour and model) at the desk. In Europe they give you the key at the desk and you pick your exact car. In America you just pay for a model range then you head to the carpark and pick your car; the keys are in the clothe box. It works differently to Europe so it it vital for one of you to go to the desk and pay and the other one needs to take the bags and head to the car park to choose the car. An example of this is when I was in LA there were two young guys in front of us at the desk paying for their car hire. I knew they would be getting a convertible so I rushed to the car park and there was ONE Mustang left! I got the keys and sat in the car waiting for Paris…. so sneaky I know. The came out 15 mins before Paris and they were so angry I had the last convertible and they literally had to have a coupe. They can not guarantee a convertible so you could end up with a coupe. One of you goes to the desk and one of you goes to the carpark to choose a car and wait. Some times the car lot person is annoying and wants to see your paper work but just say your boyfriend/friend is coming and wait by your car so no one else gets it. If you are in Europe in particular South of France one of you needs to RUN and I mean run to the rental place because the wait is crazy; so many people hire cars in the SOF. One of you needs to get in line fast and the other one can take their time with the bags. I hate carrying bags so usually it’s me running ahead but I have been known to also take my time and not carry any cases at all haha.

I hope this car information helps and if you need to know more just leave a comment below.

Click here to see the exact measurements of our cases. We all had the same suitcase brand. You can compare you suitcase size to ours.




CC xx


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