How To Clean Your Diamond Ring

by Claire Chanelle

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I think from now on I will start sharing with you more life style tips and beauty posts, what do you think? I have been researching how to clean my engagement ring for a while so I thought it would be handy to share this with you. This method of diamond cleaning was recommended to me by one of the clients as well as my friend Darcy. I was really worried to BOIL MY DIAMOND IN BLEACH but after putting it off for a few weeks I decided to take the plunge. Paris has a chemistry degree and promised me this would not harm my ring although try not to breathe in the bleach vapours!

You will need:

* Regular bleach


* Kettle or just boil the from the hob (but I think this will generate too many fumes.)



* Add a generous amount of bleach. I did not heat the saucepan whist the bleach was in the water, I boiled the water and then added the bleach. I think if you continue to boil the bleach it will generate too many fumes!

* Boil the ring for three minutes.

* Polish the ring with window cleaner or white vinegar.

I was really pleased with the result my ring is sparkling and very clean clean now. If you want a quick fix I recommend polishing your ring with a sunglasses cloth and window cleaner.

PS I know I haven’t featured my ring much but you can see in the final photo the pink diamonds on my halo! They pink is very discreet and can only be seen when the flash is on for a close up shot. Did anyone notice the pink halo?

CC xx

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1 comment

The Provoker November 25, 2013 - 8:15 am

Great tips! Never knew this! Thanks for the tips for future cleanliness of jewelry. I want a diamond ring too haha!

xx The Provoker


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