Its All About Knees & legs

by Claire Chanelle

pink zara dress

Here is one of my looks for our last day in Vegas. My dress is from Zara and I bought it last minute, I also saw it in yellow and a top version in black. I did not buy them because I thought this would be a dress everyone will buy and I really do hate wearing the same as everyone else on a night out I am sure everyone feels like that. I never try anything on because I can not be bothered and do not have the time. Most of the time I am shopping for other people and buy stuff for myself last minute. Well this will teach me for not trying it on because I absolutely loved this dress. When Paris proposed to me he told me to wear the best dress I had packed I had no idea he was going to propose so I ignored him and thought no I will save my best dresses for Vegas. Not long after he proposed I thought arg why didn’t I wear my pink dress it would have fit the theme so well. I ended up wearing a more than a size too big Wang dress. Another lesson learnt do not buy things that are more than  one size too big because you can not alter them enough to fit.

So the dress! I finally found a dress shape I love, as it covers up all my problem areas and makes me feel comfortable. For me I am very conscious of my tummy and lately my arms (I am on day four of the dukan diet and started bikram yoga to help) this dress covers both of them but still shows some arm and my legs which I do not mind. Even when my legs take weight I still have small calfs and good knees, it is all about the ankles and knees when it comes to good legs.

I have been looking for dresses like this ever since but have not come across any so I am considering making some myself (with what time I do not know?) as they are so simple. I regretted not buying the yellow dress as it sold out everywhere as did the top. However I did find the yellow dress when the knightsbridge Zara re opened and snapped it up! By the way Knightsbridge Zara has always been the best but since its refurbishment it is the best ever!!

dress for a wedding

cape dress

pink cape dress

pink dress

long blonde hair

pink summer dress

mawi long earrings

mawi earrings

nude shoes for summer

saint laurent tributes

pink chanel bag

saint laurent tributes

classic flap pink chanel bag Image 140

vegas encore


I am wearing: Zara dress, Saint Laurent Tributes,

Mawi earrings with Chanel bag.

Claire xx



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Kaja Elisabeth - Skjønnhetsbloggen July 17, 2013 - 8:14 pm

Loving the colour of the bag! Nothing beats a pink Chanel

Neatly July 20, 2013 - 1:28 am

You look gorgeous! The dress is so beautiful on you. Also, love your earrings, they are fab!!


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