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There is no big secret about the fact I love bags or that I love CHANEL, however there is a secret to buying them.  This post is all about buying CHANEL pre loved and my number one go to pre loved site VESTIAIRE COLLECTIVE. I will be sharing  luxury hacks and all the tips and tricks I have learnt over the years.

If you missed my CHANEL BAG COLLECTION over on Youtube, click here. You can also watch me unbox this bag and talk more about buying pre loved CHANEL.


We know about buying pre loved items and we know the obvious reasons for buying them. We can pick up a second hand  item that is more affordable than brand new, we can find vintage items and we can find items that are fairly new but  no longer available to buy in store. However there is one more reason why I shop on Vestiaire Collective and this Gabrielle backpack is the perfect example.

This  CHANEL Gabrielle backpack is my latest purchase and a bag I have been waiting for. This bag is new/current season. I become border line obsessed with the new CHANEL drops and find myself visiting the boutiques daily.

I was getting impatient that the collection had been launched but not dropped in the UK yet. I could see other countries were selling this bag so I decided to take a look on VESTIAIRE COLLECTIVE. There were indeed new season CHANEL Gabrielle back packs!  They did not have the black and white colour I wanted so I set an alert on the black style here. If you look under the item there is a tab saying “notify me when in stock.” I pressed that and three days later my bag was in! I was so thankful for the alert because I was away on holiday and would not think to check as much as I usually would. These bags are selling so fast, without the alert I would have missed it for sure.  I advise you to make use of this service VESTIAIRE COLLECTIVE offers. I use it all the time, too much in fact.

I bought this bag on September 11th, my birthday; it was clearly meant to be. Some people do not like the “sold” stock listed but I love this. I love it because it allows me to compare prices. For example if I find a bag I wish to buy and I am not sure about the resale value, I can search a bag and see what it sold for. It is also handy to use a sale guide if you are looking to list anything of your own for sale.

Back to my bag. My bag was  listed by a seller outside of the UK. The seller was able to buy this bag before anyone in the UK and that meant I was able to get my hands on in sooner. I did not have to wait for the UK drop.


Another good hack is to compare prices. Some brands charge different prices in various countries. Some prices may be the same or sometimes due to currency exchange rates they turn out more expensive in some places. I advise  you to always check VESTIAIRE COLLECTIVE for the item you want . The bag may even be brand new and cheaper than in store. So many people sell brand new items on VESTIAIRE COLLECTIVE. It may be a gift , it maybe passed the exchange date or  it maybe within the exchange date but the seller is better off selling it for money than receiving a credit note. Stores like CHANEL do not offer refunds (unless you purchase in a department store.)  It’s a great little hack to get the exact same bag you would buy in store for less.

I always say I never really know if I love a bag until I use it and photograph it! What can I say, I am a blogger and some things are more photogenic than others 🙂

I love this bag so much more than I imagined. For one it is so photogenic! It is the perfect size, I love the different ways of carrying it and I love the feel and look of the white leather. The leather is coated caviar, it will actually be very durable. Would you like me to write a blog post all about looking after luxury leather bags?

My ACNE coat is a dream come true. A huge extravagance but worth every penny.  Acne coats are so warm and last a life time. I love wearing this coat, I never ever feel cold when I wear this or my black shearing aviator.

My dress is by a cashmere brand N.Peal. I love wearing dresses in Autumn, if you pair them with over the knee boots like mine, it’s the ideal way to style them and still keep warm. These boots are the perfect size heel, so comfy and cost per wear I think they are worth the money. I bought mine last winter and no doubt I will be wearing these all throughout the cold season.







This article contains sponsored content but all views and creative direction are my own.

Photos by Moeez Tali

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