NIKE AeroReact. Creature or Technology?

by Claire Chanelle






I am so happy to finally share another fitness article with you, it’s been too long. I am also happy that my website is finally working again. I am writing this article (along with six others) for the second time, let’s hope there will be no more problems after today. Please never host your website with FatCow! Thank you for being patient. To say sorry I will be giving away a special prize to one lucky winner next Monday, so stay tuned.
Last week whilst I was in Paris I was lucky enough to be invited to the launch for the new NIKE Aero React running tops. I was really looking forward to the event all fashion season. It felt like I had time out to enjoy one of my hobbies and it’s also another side to the fashion part of my blog. I work out to clear my mind and feel good so it was great timing to have a run when usually I wouldn’t make time for it whilst in Paris for fashion week. I couldn’t wait to have a work out and break the cycle of croissant consumption, France is full of carbs I can not resist.
The event started in a warehouse that made me feel like I was somewhere in Shoreditch, but we were indeed in Paris. We were taken through an apparel experience followed by a video about the new fabric technology, I was pretty taken back with this as I thought we were just seeing some new colours or style designs; but more of this later.
Yes the run, this was the exciting part. A group of us were taking part in a shake down 3k night run around Paris. This was a warm up for the 10k taking place the following day. Before we headed out for the run we were presented with our new kits. We were led into a dark room (no one had no idea what was about to happen) shortly followed by dramatic faded lighting brightening up the room to reveal our kits displayed on poles with our names. I had a little giggle to myself because it was so dramatic (we all know I love a bit of drama) and made me feel like we were gladiators preparing for battle. I found the whole thing pretty epic, NIKE this is why I love you.
We then listened to a talk with French athletes Kevin Mayer and Pascal Martinot Lagarde. It was great to hear the opinions of the new kit from inspiring athletes and get us fired up for the run.
In simple terms the fabric particles react to your body temperature; when you are cold the particles tighten together to keep you warm and when you are hot the particles open up. When listening to the talk and hearing more about the new technology.I suddenly touched my top thinking that it was alive, how else would my top know when to move by the heat of my body? It’s pretty incredible and I couldn’t wait to try it, literally I couldn’t wait to see if it worked or if I could feel it.
We all piled onto a Mercedes bus like kids on a school trip, well my school never provided Mercedes but you can picture the scene right? The run started at the Pullman Hotel which I recommend because it is next to the Eiffel Tower. The run was meant to be 3k but ended up being 5k. We ran through Paris by night, passing the Eiffel Tower, the beautiful carousels and all the tourists. We carried out some sprint training directly next to the Eiffel Tower whilst in her full flashy beauty. It was a special experience and a run I will never forget, I felt so privileged to be apart of it. An added special bonus for me was running through the location where I had my engagement photoshoot. I haven’t revealed these photos yet but the run was a lovely reminder.
The question you all probably want to ask; did the top work? After trying to get out of my head that my top was alive, I focused on the run and tried not to over think it. One factor I noticed immediately was the steady temperature in my body. I noticed this again on my road run yesterday in London. I hate running feeling hot, it really affects my performance. I also hate feeling cold when I set off because this makes my breathing irregular and again affects my performance. This top solved a problem I’ve had for years! I didn’t feel cold when I started running and more importantly I wasn’t hot during the main part of the run. When I finished the run I thought that my fitness level had improved since I wasn’t sweating. However when I looked in the mirror my face was indeed sweating and when I removed the top I started to sweat. The top removed any sweat from my body and then dried immediately.
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The tights I wore are my favourite style; high waisted to suck you in and fitted on the leg which keeps me warm. I thought the spotted design was just the fabric aesthetic but no no no NIKE always have a hidden, forward thinking agenda. The spots are light reflecting which lights up when you are running in the dark.
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The Air Zoom Structure 19 trainers were so fab. I loved the colour and I loved how they felt, specially when we did the sprint training. Wearing the right sneakers for running is important, keeping your feet in check is vital. If you have problems with your feet like me (I have a damaged nerve in my right foot) I would advise buying a pair of running trainers for every day, you will feel and notice an improvement.
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After the run we all got changed and went for a press dinner. It was the perfect ending to a perfect event.
I am going to stay true to my imagination and always believe that NIKE have created a living, creature clothing but for those of you who want to know more regarding the advanced technology please see below.
Every runner has experienced it: as soon as they start their run, their temperature begins to rise. They heat up. Aside from shedding clothing layers, to stay cool the body undertakes a process of thermoregulation, releasing sweat that evaporates to help the body maintain an optimal temperature.

We need thermoregulation to sustain significant speed over distance without overheating. But the harder the body strives to stay cool, the more difficult it can become to perform optimally. Enter, Nike AeroReact technology: a new responsive, lightweight fabric developed with insights from the Nike Explore Team (NXT) Sport Research Lab and runners the world over.

“The apparel industry has always been based on the concept of layering,” says Brian Stewart, Vice President of NXT’s Apparel Innovation team. “But how can we create apparel that adapts, so that as you change – as you heat up during your run – or as the weather changes around you, you don’t have to make those adjustments?”

AeroReact is uniquely engineered to adapt to changes in a runner’s temperature.  Supporting the body’s existing thermoregulation capabilities, the textile’s bi-component yarn senses moisture vapor and opens its structure to maximize breathability.

So what do you think? Impressive new technology or do you believe NIKE have hidden creatures in our clothes?






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