Palm Springs Windmills

by Claire Chanelle

summer style

I bet you have all seen hundreds of bloggers taking photos near the windmills? Of course this was a must for me, if only they were simple to find! We drove miles to find them and then about an hour of driving to just get close to them. Maybe there is a blogger’s guide to finding these stunning, breath taking backgrounds and I am not aware of it. I would do whatever it takes for a good photo so I persevered and found the bloody windmills. It was most definitely worth it, the background is the best part of the photos. I just wish I had something longer with more layers to swish around in the wind!! I will be sure to take something like this if I ever find myself going to a windy desert again.

I did not plan on wearing this Virgos lounge dress to the festival but it is so comfortable and was the most “swishy” thing I had for the photos. It was nice and cool so I kept it on for the day. This dress was such a good buy, I have worn it twice already so for me it must be a good dress because I do not often wear dresses twice (unless I paid a lot.)

At the festival I was dying to see other outfits. I saw mostly denim shorts and crop top with Rebecca Minkoff bags and flip flops, as well as long flowy skirts and cute dresses. The VIP area was definitely worth the outfit spying but it really is so hot it is hard to wear clothes. For those of you I saw in leather or leggings you guys must be locals or from a hot climate, how did you do it? I did not buy VIP tickets because the festival was already £400 a ticket plus our hotel, flights and car rental. By the way hotels in Palm Springs are so expensive and really nothing special. Our hotel was one of the most expensive hotels all holiday and was the worse hotel we stayed in throughout the trip. It was not a bad hotel it was just over priced it also made me feel like I was taken back to the sixties, very strange taste of decor. You can stay in Motels or in other towns for cheaper but Palm spring was the nicest. For me I thought the festival will be amazing enough so no need for VIP and did not want to stay in VIP all day. I read reviews and none were great. I read you can not see the stages from VIP and this is true. You have to be near the stage to hear the music other wise its a blur of them all. The VIP is at the back corner out of the way, so I was not bothered we did not have them. With that said I would buy VIP next time because the trip is so expensive an extra few hundreds is not much when you are paying so much and traveling so far (from Europe.) All the celebrities do stay within the area I saw none in the public areas, also all the photographers are in VIP so if you want to get snapped by Grazia then buy VIP.

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For those of you that follow me on Instagram @iamchouquette you would know it took me twenty mins to decide on what colour Mustang to pick, I chose black as you can see?! Next time I will go for white.

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coachella festival

palm springs


I am wearing: Virgos Lounge Dress, H&M Head Band,

Isabel Marant Coleen Boots, with

Chanel Bag.

Claire xx


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